We’ve been silent for a few months, so here’s what we’re up to

Just because you haven’t heard from us in a few months doesn’t mean we haven’t been working. In fact, we’ve been busily fixing bugs and improving iNewsletter. Here’s some of the biggest changes we’ve made.

Captions on galleries

This would have to be one of our most requested features — and it’s now live! Captions now appear over galleries inline with the text, not just when viewed fullscreen.

This is great if you have ID photos, or photos that need explaining. Simply add a caption when inserting the gallery, and a subtle yet clear caption will appear at the bottom of the gallery.

An example from McKinnon Secondary College’s newsletter showing the use of captions

New font sizes and spacings

Another highly requested change was to update the sizes and spacings of fonts. Headings now look even more beautiful with less space between lines. The mobile view has also been updated to maximise readability and ensure fonts are consistently sized.

A page showing the new sizes and spaces

Email Statistics

They’re here! You can now see how many people are opening and reading your newsletter, and drill down into exactly which email addresses are doing so. Email stats may not be there for newsletters pre-2017, but all your new newsletters will have these stats.

See an overview of your email statistics

What else?

Aside from the above updates, here’s some other changes and bug fixes we’ve made:

  • Fixed a bug where some photos were rotating incorrectly
  • Improved email sending success rate
  • Fixed bug where some readers couldn’t subscribe in Internet Explorer
  • Improved pasting of text in author so it keeps more desired formatting and strips more unwanted formatting
  • Implemented blur-up loading of images to reduce content downloaded to readers
  • Improved speed at which images are loaded

What’s coming up?

We’re committed to building the best multi-page online newsletter platform, so here’s some of the features we’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks:

  • Ability to clone an entire newsletter including content
  • Ability for readers to ‘like’ an article
  • Social media buttons on the cover page so readers can follow your social accounts
  • Ability to share an article on social media to increase your newsletter’s reach

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@naavi.com or use the help bubble in-app.