My Perfect Day Alone

My second perfect day, this time in under 500 words

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

The other day I got asked to write about my perfect day and to keep it under 200 words. I wrote about spending it with two of my loves, and it was all about enjoying good food, good conversation, and good fun together. But, I’m basically an introvert; as much as I love people, I need time alone to recharge. This perfect day is about having one all to myself.

On my perfect alone day, I would wake up about 8:30 and make some coffee to take back to bed to with a slice of blueberry pie. My animal pals snuggle me as I do a quick email and social media skim while I wake up. I like to see my Facebook memories and if I’ve heard from anyone interesting. Throwing on some random comfy clothes, I’d take the dogs for a walk on the greenway. I used to think that walking dogs was kind of a chore, but I love the serenity of that path by the stream and they enjoy it so much. Maybe I’ll see a new water bird to look up?

Then I’d come home and get back into bed with my laptop. I’d like to write something — maybe about the new bird I saw on the pond or some other thought I had while on our walk. I’d write until my story was done, without having 20 distractions and interruptions. I’d edit it only once.

After setting it to publish, I’d drive over to True Food and sit on the patio eating a bowl of poke with an antioxidant tea. After lunch, I’d come home and take a siesta in our outdoor lounger on the covered porch in the back yard. I’d fall asleep to the sounds of water burbling in the fountain and wake up to the rustle of wind in the big tree at the corner of the lot. I’d pull out my book and read for a while on the porch, watching the herons fly by, looking very much like baby pterodactyls.

By then it would be time for my 5 pm meditation and I’d do that outside as well, in the fresh air with the sounds of the fountain and the wind in the big tree. Next stop, dinner! Perhaps some Szechuan shrimp or maybe Mongolian beef instead from the great place down the street that delivers. I’d have it with a nice crisp glass of Sauvignon blanc or a jammy red blend. Ménage à trois is my favorite! After dinner, more reading or a movie — I so rarely get to the theater.

Before bed, I’d let the dogs out, and go outside with them to stand under the moon of a bit. I’ve enjoyed my day of solitude, but I’m looking forward to having my family back tomorrow.