The company behind the HR Operating System and introduction to our new blog

We started Personio in 2015 with the core purpose of Enabling Better Organizations. To us, this means providing small and mid-sized companies with one holistic platform that helps them digitize all processes along the employee life-cycle. Our software, which we call the HR Operating System, helps putting people in the focus of organizations while decreasing administrative overhead to all HR related topics.

Core purpose and employee wall

Three years later, we have grown to an organization of over 120 people, structured in mission-based teams which all work on improving the daily work of 1.000 customers that are managing over 100.000 employees and processed more than 750.000 applicants with our platform. During that time we tried many things and have made a lot of mistakes. Living by “seek to improve”, which is one of our Operating Principles, we adopted and developed concepts that had contributed to our growth and allowed us to scale our organization so quickly.

One of our biggest learnings along this journey was that building a really successful business is more than achieving product-market fit and effectively selling your solution. You need to innovate, be creative and become best at what you do across all functions of your company. Many of the things we do, down to a micro level, don’t have an immediate impact on the business. However, they will eventually determine if we’re able to become a category leader by being able to grow and scale fast enough. It’s about how to operationalize your values, create the right culture, structure different teams, communicate internally, make your customers successful, organize your product development, enable data driven decisions,… and this list does not end.

We have always found valuable resources and advice on blogs, in podcasts, at conferences or through our network, tested and implemented everything that proved to be helpful. We are still far away from our goal of becoming the leading cloud-based HR platform for SMEs in Europe and will need to continue to improve on many things along the way. However, given that we have benefited a lot from external resources in the past, we want to start sharing our learnings via this blog. We are looking forward to reading your comments and feedback on the posts. Also, feel free to share your experiences on the respective topic as well.

If you are interested in adding your experience to what we are already doing and thereby helping us improve or if you just like the approaches we are taking and would like to be part of our journey, please reach out to us as we are constantly looking for motivated people to join our journey.

Team picture prior to our annual Octoberfest visit