The Most Important Trick To Cooking Up Your Own Programmatic Strategy

“Get more insight into programmatic —

As advertising programmatically becomes the norm, implied by these eMarketer figures, it is natural for marketers to explore how they can go about developing their own strategy to generate leads and sales from programmatic advertising.

As a marketing leader they may have reached a glass ceiling with their existing channels having spent years curating them into a mature channel. But when you look at programmatic options, the path is far from clear. There are so many actors in this space with ever so slightly different messages that you don’t know what to trust.

So where do you start with cooking up your own strategy?


No matter how confusing the solutions may appear and how vast the selection of similar options is, you must gain control to make programmatic work for you.

You need to have control of the two key pillars that underpin your programmatic advertising; data and media buying.

Controlling Data

This may seem obvious by now, but it cannot be reiterated enough. By control we don’t just mean becoming GDPR compliant, you need to go a whole stage further.

You need flexible access to a structured set of audience profiles. Building such profiles has been the domain of the CRM team for years, and now it’s time to apply the same tactics across the entire range of digital touchpoints.

Email marketing, and even now automation, are mature when compared to programmatic. It’s time to demand the same level of control you have over your customer relationship via email, just this time for your programmatic media.

This means integrating CRM into your own holistic Data Management strategy. CRM is now the vanguard of a larger requirement — you need audience profiles that are fully channel agnostic, no half measures.

Controlling Media Buying

This leads us clearly to the assumption that once you have holistic audience profiles you can activate programmatically (as well as ‘traditionally’, in digital terms), your next step is to focus on the activation of those profiles.

This is when you can’t avoid immersing yourself in buying technology any longer. The reality is that while it might seem trivial compared to data infrastructure, if you mess up your selection and operation of media buying platforms then all those audience profiles won’t count for anything. It would be like running an Adwords campaign with everything thrown into a single pot, you’d just bleed budget.

You need to have selected your technology with care, and then be able to access it on the fly with out any restrictions. Speed and accuracy are paramount, so the ultimate goal should be to one day take it all in house.

The length of that journey is individual to each business, but maximising control should still remain the overarching theme even if your solution is a compromise for now.