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A Legacy of Leadership

Fitness & Wellness Program Directors and Their Impact

Celeste Hamman

March 1990 — May 1997

“Expanding the definition of wellness beyond the physical and pushing the envelope of what the program was each and every day.”

Rosemary Hohl-Chriswisser

March 1996 — Aug. 1998

“I was looking to expand instructor training on a much wider scale…after talking with some colleagues around Texas we started TexFIT and after 20 years it is still going strong!”

Jennifer Speer

June 1999 — Aug. 2007

“Merging multiple program schedules into one single offering and branding it ‘TeXercise’.”

Jennifer currently serves as senior director at Recreational Sports where she oversees multiple areas including the Fitness & Wellness program.

Sarah Schulz-Jordan

June 2004 — Jan. 2011

“My greatest impact would be the training and education I poured into my instructors. I knew our program was only as strong as the staff who worked there… and the staff was amazing. I worked very hard to provide top notch education and encouragement along the way.”

Betsy Baker

June 2011 — Aug. 2013

“ I made a conscious effort to relate to each of the students I managed and taught them how the skills they would develop working for the Fit/Well program would benefit them in their professional career later in life.“

Chrystina Wyatt

July 2013 — Sept. 2018

“The opening of the Gregory Gym Cycling Studio was one of my proudest moments. It was an idea to expand the program beyond the RSC (Recreational Sports Center) studio and the results were beyond my original expectations. That project is something I’ll never forget.”

Adrienne MacKenzie

Aug. 2016 — present

“I am excited to continue the growth of wellness programming through specialized series and benchmark research. We will be moving forward a new initiative with campus partners involving prescriptive exercise as a means of combating mental and physical health issues.”

CieCie Leonard

June 2019 — present

“Since joining the team I have introduced Barre, POUND® and Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga to the TeXercise schedule with hopes of bringing more fresh formats in the future.”

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