Welcoming the UT Community Back to RecSports

Our facility operations team recounts what they had to do in order to get RecSports ready to reopen.

Our facility operations team worked diligently over the spring and summer months to prepare our nationally recognized facilities for a fall semester reopening.

“Our number one goal was to ensure the safety of our employees and participants.”

“Our number one goal was to ensure the safety of our employees and participants,” said Director of Facility Operations Pete Schaack. “Building trust with the UT community is vital to their return to our programs and services,” he added.

Toward this goal, all spaces have undergone a transformation with the addition of plexiglass barriers, signage to educate participants on safety guidelines, enhanced cleaning protocols, additional hand sanitizing stations and contactless check-in.

Participants are now asked to plan ahead before they visit a RecSports facility using MyRecSports, a web-based app that allows participants to make advance reservations for the weight room, swimming pools, and In-person TeXercise classes.

All participants are now required to wear a face mask at all times while indoors, bring their own towel to clean shared equipment before and after each use, bring a water bottle to fill up at water filling stations while drinking fountains remain unavailable, maintain a safe social distance, and wash their hands frequently.

The RecSports experience may look a little different since we were last open in March, however, we are confident that we’ll continue to build community, promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle, and do our best to support the needs and interests of every Longhorn.

“Despite the challenging circumstances, our team became more adaptable and we learned to work through a difficult time as a team to support each other.”
CLIFTON MURPHY, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

Take a look at what our team has done to ensure the safety of all RecSports participants as we welcome everyone back to the Forty Acres!



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