20 Twitter Handles That Our SocialCops Engineering Team Swears By!

At SocialCops, we have built a culture of growth and collective learning. Our Engineering Team reads a lot of books, follows hundreds of newsletters, and gets Slack notifications that are all about discovering and sharing new things — but Twitter is where our engineers love to hang out.

We are sharing a part of the crowdsourced list of Twitter handles that the SocialCops Engineering Team follows and gets inspiration from.

  • Greg Brockman (@gdb): As co-founder of @OpenAI, Greg often tweets about AI research, deep learning, and artificial general intelligence.
  • Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) shares insights on designing for enterprise software. He currently works at ThoughtWorks and tweets about software development as a profession with a focus on techniques like refactoring, agile software development, etc. that will last a developer in their career.
  • Uncle Bob Martin (@unclebobmartin): Uncle Bob has been a software professional for almost five decades. He has authored and edited many books, and he tweets about updates, intriguing thoughts around software development and clean software architecture.
  • Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo): Author of SVG Animations, she is a @vuejs core team member and works as a Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft. You can follow more of Sarah’s work on her blog. She has about 15 years experience of working as a web developer and designer.
  • Sean Thomas Larkin (@TheLarkInn): PM on Microsoft Edge and core team member of Webpack.
  • Evan You (@youyuxi): Creator of Vue.js
  • Guido van Rossum (@gvanrossum) is the creator of the Python programming language. He currently works at Dropbox. You can follow his publications on Github here.
  • Jon Skeet (@jonskeet): A software engineer at Google and author of C# in Depth, Jon is a feminist and a strong advocate of diversity in tech. He’s also the most popular StackOverflow user with a reputation of 1 million.
  • Dan Abramov (@dan_abramov) is a co-author of Redux and Create React App. He tweets about all thing @reactjs. Check out his Medium account for some excellent resources on ReactJS.
  • Addy Osmani (@addyosmani): As an Engineering Manager, Addy tweets about web performance, Javascript, and his experience with building Google Chrome. He shares and retweets some of the best resources for all aspiring frontend engineers. Follow his writing on Medium here.
  • Kenneth Reitz (@kennethreitz) is a senior member of the Developer Relations team at DigitalOcean and serves as a Fellow at the Python Software Foundation. He is an open-source advocate and is known for his work on Requests: HTTP for Humans.
  • Wes McKinney (@wesmckinn) has been developing data analysis software for more than a decade. He is known for creating the Pandas project and writing the book Python for Data Analysis, and he is founder of Ursa Labs, a not-for-profit open source development group in partnership with RStudio.
  • Armin Ronacher (@mitsuhiko): Creator of Flask. He writes, talks, and shares about system architecture, API design and lots of Python and Rust.
  • Matei Zaharia (@matei_zaharia): Matei tweets and shares about big data, data center software, large-scale data processing, and computer systems. He is co-founder and Chief Technologist of Databricks, a big data company based around Apache Spark.
  • Jeff Dean (@JeffDean): With more than 69K Twitter followers, Jeff tweets about machine learning, Google AI, large-scale distributed systems, microprocessor architecture etc. He leads the Google Brain project and works as a Google Senior Fellow. More on his work at Google AI: https://ai.google/research/people/jeff
  • Jessie Frazelle (@jessfraz) shares about containers, Kubernetes, and other infrastructure resources. She is an upcoming engineer at Github.
  • Wes Bos (@wesbos) works as a full-stack web developer and designer, and tweets about JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and all things around frontend dev and server-side JavaScript.
  • Bridget Kromhout (@bridgetkromhout) is a Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and organizer of DevOps Day! She tweets about DevOps, data infrastructure, and her two kitties.
  • Kelsey Hightower (@kelseyhightower) is a staff developer advocate at Google and tweets about all things DevOps — particularly Kubernetes and serverless computing.
  • Julia Grace (@jewelia) works as the Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Slack HQ. She tweets about reliability, scalability, and performance behind engineering infrastructures.

If you are an aspiring engineer looking to learn from people around you (or from people on Twitter), we hope you can find some excellent ideas, resources, and a dose of inspiration from these Twitter handles. 
P.S. This list will continue to evolve, as will our Engineering Team. So if you know about some awesome Twitter handles that you get inspired from, we would love to know — please share them with us. :)
P.P.S. We’re building an awesome engineering culture and are always hiring! (Careers page)

Thanks to our awesome Engineering Team at SocialCops for contributing to this list.

Contributors: Adwait, Akash, Aviral, Gaurav, Ishaan, Krishna, Mukund, Nishant, Prateek, Ritu, Rohan, Tanay Agrawal, Tanay Tumalapalli and Vipul