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My first month as a Software Engineer at SumUp

Photo by Nanda Boccatto

Hello! I'm Lari Maza and I joined SumUp Brazil as a front-end developer about a month ago. As a newcomer, my first impressions are fresh, which makes this the ideal time to share them with you.

Why, you might ask? Well… You know when you watch that new mind-blowing Netflix show and become this annoying “you gotta watch it!" type of friend that will not stop talking about the series?

I am that friend right now. And when something adds value to my life, I want everyone to hear about it and perhaps benefit from it too. So here's why I'm so excited to be here:

Diversity — the real thing, not the buzzword

As a woman, this will always come first. If I have to worry about feeling underrepresented, treated differently, being interrupted, objectified, ignored, I can't focus on my work and development. Not to mention my mental health. And when I say this is a diverse environment, I knew it even before I joined SumUp.

I knew it because I watched Monica Lent's keynotes and it was clear she was an exceptional leader to look up to, and that she really had a voice inside SumUp. And because a guy that works here (hello Herbert) casually mentioned a bunch of great female developers to follow on Twitter in a random conversation (trust me, this is unprecedented). And because recruiters ask every candidate about diversity on their first interview. And because I visited the office and spotted all kinds of beautiful people — hair colors and textures, skin tones, body types, fashion choices… Nothing seems to raise any eyebrows here.

Flexible everything

Being myself is not the only benefit of SumUp's freedom culture. We also have flexible hours and micromanaging is not even remotely a problem. When a new sprint begins and tasks are refined, it's up to you to pick up one and ask for help if you need it.

That's the thing — you'll always get support from cool people who really value teamwork, but you're also responsible for managing your own time and priorities, which is great incentive to help you grow.

Agile, user centric and data driven

No software engineer gets motivated by following a plan just because someone said so. We tend to be pragmatic creatures who value facts over opinions and when the plan is backed up by data and experimentation, you have our attention.

If you agree, you'd be delighted to see how our product team works: only ideas that deliver value to our users get prioritized. At the same time, boosting developer productivity is a huge deal — so much so that Circuit UI, SumUp's design system, is widely adopted throughout the platforms and has reached a very mature stage through cross-team collaboration.

Global team

With offices in several countries (the biggest ones for engineering being Berlin, Sofia and São Paulo), we interact with people from all around the world. Taking part in meetings both in Portuguese and English challenges our communication skills and keeps us on our toes.

Also, team members often travel between the offices and I'm definitely looking forward to my first visit to Berlin!

Take a look at our opportunities in Brazil and join us.

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Lari Maza

Lari Maza


Front-end developer and design systems enthusiast. São Paulo, Brazil. Board gamer, aerialist and minimalist with a lifelong obsession for the color black.