Search for Exports / Bookings on Terminal 49

Searching for Bookings is very easy: Simply click on “Bookings”, enter the booking number and hit the search button. As usual, we will auto-detect the terminal and steamship line (in case of SSA) for all Oakland Terminals.

Try it out:

We display all information the terminal websites offer, including empty and full start, gate activity for empty out and full in container moves, type/size and container numbers and SCAC code of the trucking company when available.

Coming Soon…

Collecting all relevant information for a booking is a hassle. People need to call the steamship line to find out the cut off date and they have to go to different websites to find out the empty and full start. Finding an empty container when the terminal is out of equipment is equally becoming a big problem for many trucking companies.

We are working hard to make this process simpler for you. We will soon display cut off dates, empty start and full start for all bookings so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of collecting the information. And we are experimenting with ways to make finding suitable equipment easier for you. As usual, we will let you know as soon as we have something ready.