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Why ‘Inside the Leader’?

When I first became a Design Lead at 27, just like many first-time leaders, I was unprepared and went in with my best intentions. I learnt that the best intentions are not always enough, and it was through much sweat, tears and the grace of God that I overcame some of the challenges — although I am sure that my team would agree that I’ve failed them many times over.

I had a supportive manager who empowered me to do my best work, and he remained someone I look up to. But at that time, I wished there were more resources surrounding being a first-time manager. I frequently doubted my decisions and took things one step at a time. A few years later, more resources surfaced on Medium, and books published later such as Lara Hogan’s Resilient Management and Julie Zhuo’s The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You really resonated with me.

Later, I continued to mentor leaders and found that my struggles were not unique to me. I began writing about my first time being a manager, and several other stories about interviewing people as a first-time hiring manager. To my surprise, these remain the most-read stories to-date on my list of published stories. I feel convinced that many first-time managers out there are actively looking for resources that are authentic, actionable and most importantly, humane.

In Inside the Leader, I hope to help first-time managers or young managers/leaders find the guidance they need by getting inside the minds of real leaders. Here, I speak to leaders whom I look up to and those who lead from the heart.

I hope that you find what you are looking for here. I am happy to receive feedback on how this publication can be improved. Feel free to contact me at peilingchin at gmail dot com.

Thank you for reading this far.

Pei Ling

Know a leader you admire for their leadership from the heart? Fill in this form to nominate someone you know to be featured here, and we’d be happy to speak to them if they fit what we’re looking for.




Be inspired by first-hand stories from authentic leaders who lead from the heart with actionable advice

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