A Day Without My Phone?

Today is just a normal Monday morning. Or so I thought, until I realised I left my phone at home. No problem either, I thought, again, until a friend asked me if I had heard about how Obama had asked Britain to remain in the EU. He somehow soft-soaped them by saying how they perform best when in leading positions, and how they would harm themselves in the trade department if they left the EU. I kind of can’t be convinced that he does this for Britain’s best but rather to make things easier for the USA.

But anyways, that’s not my aim. What made me write this article was something else: 
When I answered my friend that I hadn’t heard about it yet because of my phone being — um absent? *cough* — two things happened. One being that I was forthwith excluded from the conversation because I was lacking knowledge of the topic; and second being that I got anxious to go and finally read the news because what other horrible/exiting/new things could have happened in the +- 10 hours since I had last checked.

I had not realised, prior to this, how big a part reading the news and staying ‘up-to-date’ was in my daily and social life! Of course, I know I read news a lot, I was brought up that way, more or less. But it did surprise me just how important it was to me. I wouldn’t sit still until had the chance to boot up my laptop and open BBC. Funnily enough, the exact headline, I was talking about earlier, was what greeted me.

It also annoyed me that I couldn’t text my friends and/or look though Instagram/lookbook ect. but that was to be expected…