I can deny neither that I was extremely biased when it came to blogging as we received the task, nor that I made a turn of 180 degrees and started liking it after writing the first entry. Being able to write about uni topics in a more or less non-formal way and especially publishing my thoughts online for everyone to read and comment struck me as something new and interesting. Though this being enjoyable, what annoyed me was the obligation and demanded regularity of it. Naturally, this is necessary in the environment of a seminar. But for me, it stopped being fun, as I felt I was forced onto repetition and insignificance thus resulting in half-heartedness.

Yet I appreciate Geoffrey’s idea to include Medium in his classes and want to thank him for making me check the news more often and trying to become more aware of what is happening. This has been a great experience overall, I just felt it wore itself out over time. But, same as I am sure I am not alone with this view, I reckon many enjoyed it far better and more thoroughly than I did.

I’m afraid I don’t have anything more to say about it at this point. I might reflect on the course again though and edit this entry, as I know that I forgot a lot of things which I wanted to say about this “project”.

That’s it for now.