Do you bear any responsibility?

While surfing around in the internet I stumbled upon this video ( It is an interview from CBS of Bernie Sanders about Hillary Clinton’s loss. In it Sanders is asked why Hillary Clinton lost. I advise every reader of this blog entry to stop reading and watch the video until the 2:27 mark, right before Charlie Rose speaks.

Done watching? What Bernie Sanders does in the Video is give one good reason after another on why Donald Trump won. But the hosts do not seem to care because his answers are again answered with this follow-up question: “Therefore, do you believe that if you’d been the canidate, you would have won?”

A stupid media question as usual, yet Bernie Sanders shrugs it off and gives an perfect answer to it. It is perfect because he redirects the conversation to were it should be. It should be a conversation about the issues and not (as it is later evident in the video) about Hillary Clinton’s damaged ego. But Charlie can’t have that, he rather wants to look back at the past and find who is guilty for the mess that is going to be the Donald Trump presidency. And the Person is found pretty fast: James Comey (of course not Hillary Clinton. Why should she be guilty. She only ran for President)

Sanders acknowledges the Comey factor, but also points to the fact that she should have won in double digit Numbers. But it gets even worse. After talking about Hillary Clinton’s memo in which she again blames James Comey, Sanders is asked whether he bears some responsibility for Clinton’s loss, implying that he should have never run because it hurt Clinton. The sense of entitlement of the Clinton camp is inapprehensible but I am not going to comment that. I will give Sanders the final word:

“Well, I guess if we believed that somebody who the establishement brings forward has a right to be anointed and nobody should run against, I guess yes. “ (starts at around the 4:10 mark)

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