Facebook helps humanity

Facebook is the biggest social media network, so if you want to use any social media to promote human rights, then you need to be using Facebook. With over a billion members it’s probably the easiest way to find people signing human rights petitions.

It got so easy to help and to support NGOs with taking part in petitions. You just click the “like” button on the website of the NGOs you would like to support, then possible petitions are shown in your newsfeed and you click on them, set a tick somewhere, tell them your name and that’s it! Helping mankind takes you 2 minutes! After you have signed a petition, you can post on your Facebook timeline, visible for your friends, that you just signed. Some of your Facebook friends will probably see this and copy you, so does Facebook help to spread the help?

NGOs clearly profit from the size of Facebook, it’s one of the easiest ways to do promotion. Especially for a NGO like Amnesty International it is of great importance to have high publicity! Amnesty takes action with the help of a broad public to enforce human rights. Also in case of demonstrations organized by Amnesty International or by any other non-profit community it has become so easy to organize and gather a great number of people through Facebook.

That’s already positive and progressive, but Facebook went even further, they’ ve developed a “Donate Now” button.

Fundraising is one of the most challenging task for NGOs. Most of the non-profit organizations use different methods to collect fund. Although NGOs work for social cause but it is still uncomfortable to ask for donation. Especially it is hardly possible to convince the people to listen about the cause and make donation. But with the help of Facebook it seems to be a more autonomous process. I don’t want to praise Facebook here as an charitable, friendly and helpful social media, but just because of its size it became possible for NGOs to even use this media as platform for their needs.

Therefore after writing my last blog entry about social media, that should probably be called antisocial media I want to mention at this point that Facebook is definitely with regard to non-profit help social and of great importance!