“Internet research could be a real issue”

Since I am studying French to become a teacher, I have to read a lot about French history, politicians, musicians, authors, novels, theater, linguistics and many more. Lately I’m attending a class about linguistics, culture, and literature. It’s a class about obscenety in French literature. In class we read a great amount of old literature, beginning with clerical texts during the Middle Ages and ending with Bataille’s surrealistic postwar literature. In fact, Bataille’s oeuvre “Abbé C” was very hard to understand and after having read for the 100th time confusing high philosophical material, I soon decided to ask my best friend about his point of view: Google.

And that was what I found:

A very confusing article in the magazin ZEIT ONLINE. I just wanted to find a helpful short summary of the author, his life and the novel, as a nice addition to the scientific literature I found during my research at the university, but rather ended up with another- interesting but hard to read- article on the internet. Sometimes it is really difficult to find good material on the internet, since there are so many different sources and people publishing many ideas that one can hardly decide which source to use. There are often also sources that are not so reliable, for instance the following one:

But in fact, there is always that one reliable source, that every child knows:

Good, old fashioned Wikipedia :-)