Our seminar indeed made me think about my consume of and the behaviour with News Media. To be honest, I did not change very much about it, but at least I am more conscious of it. I guess I am still kind of ignorant when it comes to certain topics, but I realized that this is the way I want it to be. I just do not care so much about many thing that are covered in the News Media.

There was an other thing I learned and it was during the session on Facebook and the kind of News you get there. I did not know that you can actively choose whose News you want to see first and that according to what you commented or marked with a “Like”, similar articles or News will appear. It totally makes sense and now that we talked about this, I notice it, but I guess before I was just zombie-like scrolling through my news feed, accepting that these News were presented to me without questioning the order or the mere existence of it in my news feed.

I guess my approach towards News in general and the News Media in particular has changed. When I come across News now, there are more questions popping up in my head than before the start of the seminar. I begin to ask myself questions that make me reflect on the way it is presented, the process of it being published, the interests behind it and many more.

I think I leave this course with new impressions and ideas on how Media works and what is going on and especially one thing from this course will stay in my head and it’s the following phrase: “Media is a business.” Media are not only there to inform us, but to make profit out of it, because money rules the world.