Reflections ………

As a news junkie, this class was no surprise for me as it confirms my appetite all the more for news item. Has my opinion of the news changed ? I would say NO and a tiny wee YES! I have always been critical of the news, which is why it is important for me to watch the same news content from different countries, because judging from where you are watching from, you are bound to notice that the news is reported to serve its’ local audience and sometimes you might watch a terror attack e.g that killed one American and several dozens Iranians and CNN would only seek the opinion of the family of the American killed.

Or very recently the crash of Egypt Air plane, that saw the Americans claiming faster than Egyptians, the possible cause of the calamity; it was important to CNN to quote the US Govt. source without waiting for confirmation of the Egyptian Authorities.

Well, on a lighter note, I enjoyed this class, which was not boring mainly due to the video contents that we occassionally watched and the fact that it is just an “Aktive Teilnahme” and that means no final EXAMS for me. At least one reason for me to say thank you to Geoffery for a somewhat “different” class und ein netter Wiedereinstieg :)

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