Chefdiplomat ohne politische Erfahrung

Es ist Trumps spektakulärste Personalentscheidung. Der politisch unerfahrene Exxon-Chef Rex Tillerson verfügt als neuer Außenminister über Beziehungen zur russischen Führung wie kein anderer Amerikaner. Ein Porträt

This is the article that was published recently about Donald Trump’s secretary of state pick. The writer of this article is either not informed, does not care or probably can not see the corruption that surrounds this cabinet pick like a dark, juicy, greedy aura.

Rex Tillerson is or soon was the head of exxon mobile. In the 2016 primaries, he supported to the Jeb Bush super-pac that was about to bring yet another Bush in power.Support means of course to donate so that Jeb Bush does whatever Exxon wants him to do which is mainly deregulate any restricting policies on energy.

Due to Jeb Bush`s incompetence (or as Trump called him: Low energy Jeb) the super pac supporting him — of which Exxon was a part — did not get what they wanted. So the super-pac donors did what they always do. They just turned around and donated to the guy who was likely to win. That guy, ultimately became Donald Trump.

And now Donald Trump is turning around and saying: Hey, thanks guys how about I give you secretary of state?

Exxon: Yeah, ok we give you someone with a lot foreign “experience” so he can snatch a lot of deals for us …. excuse us we mean use his expertise to help the american government.

So what the new secretary of state is basically going to do is go arpund the country and basically sell out his government for exxon.

To judge this pick (and by the way also the FAZ article) I will use Donald Trumps eloquent phrasing: SAD!