The Olympic Games in Rio 2016 — and what we (might) fear of


Two years ago, the World Championship of Football happened in Rio. Back then as well as today, Brasil had to face criticism concerning human rights, health and corruption. (Interestingly, this reminds me of Qatar 2022 where thousands of human beings lost their lives by building stadiums and hotels. This fact is another horrible truth in the history of sport which we have to deal with.)

To come back, fears that have come up two years ago or even in 2016 concerning the Football Championship in Qatar or the Olympic Games in Rio, still exist — and there is a tendency to just rename problems by people in power.

The results of coverages are sportsmen who presumably stay in their home countries which makes it even more worse since the Olympic Games are a great institution and have been established to have an impressive impact on all sport fans and sportmen. Furthermore, sportmen train their whole lives to attend the Games. It is incredible that they should stay at home “just” because of a mosquito that disseminates diseases. In the end, it is of course their own decision they have to come up with. But tragically, the media plays a role which we have to look at more specifically:

Zeit Online gives some examples that show fears. In London they expected terrorism. In Beijing it was smog and now we have to be afraid of Zika.

According to Zeit Online again, August is a month in which the mosquitos are weaker because of decreasing temparatures. They have to convince the people to fly to Rio — it is not only important from a tourist point of view.

The Olympic Games are to happen soon and we will see how many athletes are joinig…

Thank you for reading my post ;)

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