Think Positive, Not Negative!

Our daily life is concerned with so many negative things, that follow us all day long. The mass media is full of negative statements concerning, for instance, war or/and politics. Or they always deal with similar topics like sports or/and celebrities. To be honest, I am tired of reading all of these gloomy thoughts. Is this really what people want to hear all the time? What is with the real things that make our lives joyful and positive? Why do we seldom find articles in mass media about positive thoughts or deeds? Especially, living in a multicultural world, isn’t it necessary to share our love and happiness with each other?

One positive article I came across was about giving hope to children in need. It asked people to create a Christmas box filled, for instance, with school supplies, clothing and stuffed animals. The reason behind this concept is to provide the children in need with moments of happiness. Most of these kids who will receive the boxes live in very poor areas of the world and don’t normally get such thoughtful gifts. It is not just the material goods, but the thoughtfulness of the givers that touch the lives of the poor children. Here, the question unfolds: would not this concept of Christmas in a Box be more effective if more people would read about it on mass media? Wouldn’t you rather see a picture like this rather than one of a catastrophe?

It is more fulfilling to me to read/see about positive press rather than negative press. I prefer reading stories about people helping each other and seeing the results and the effect it has on the receivers. I like to think positive, not negative. I feel it is important to read positive and life fulfilling stories since we are mainly obsessed with negativity in our daily lives. THINK POSITIVE.


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