Where have the Newspapers gone?

The times when newspapers were THE place to look for what has happened or when you were looking for a job or a place to live are long gone. But why? What has happened to the good old time when your parents or grandparents were sitting at the breakfast table reading the Sunday edition of a newspaper and you were impatiently waiting for them to finish so you could read the comic strip or do the crossword puzzle?

I am afraid the answer is again The Internet. Today’s society has no time for anything and are therefore used to getting their information quickly at whatever time they want. Fast is the important attribute! Newspapers are neither fast in their reporting, they need at least one day to write the article and to print the newspaper after an important event, nor is their consuming. Reading a newspaper takes it time. Beginning by going to buy it, to searching for the topic you are interested in and last but not least reading the article itself. Online platforms, whether they are social media pages or websites of the newspapers, are much faster in publishing the news stories. You are always just one mouse click away from reading about a particular topic you are interested in.

The media industry is giving us what we want and newspapers are obviously not what today’s society wants. If we feel the need to stop newspapers from dying it is up to us to stop the current developments.

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