Apple Glasses?

The Financial Times is reporting that Apple has been working on augmented reality glasses for over a year. This is a pretty big deal since it sounds like Apple has shifted its focus from Project Titan to this new AR project. One thing to note is that Apple is already deep in the wearable tech game. The Apple Watch is the premiere and most popular piece of wearable tech. It would be quite cool to complement it with a pair of Apple designed glasses. I can see Apple trying to make AR something we don’t even think about. Currently Snapchat and Pokémon GO both utilize augmented reality, people just don’t realize it. One slight problem, it is pretty tough to get people to wear something on their faces. These glasses will have to look damn good. I think it’s safe to trust Jony Ive and co. will churn out something beautiful.

I’d wear Steve’s glasses with an Apple Watch built in
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