Breaking Down Apple’s Colossal Leak

My iPhone X Rendering

Last night as I was getting into bed I pulled up 9to5mac on my iPhone like I do every evening, just to check if anything interesting had happened before I fell asleep. The second I tapped “go” in Safari my jaw dropped. Late Friday evening an unidentified source made the iOS 11 GM Seed available to download and alerted several major Apple publications. Immediately 9to5mac began scouring through the software to find changes or any signs of new devices. The first thing that was discovered were a collection of beautiful new wallpapers from gradients with flowers to six color Apple logo homages. The inclusion of the original earth wallpaper and a blank black wallpaper both signal the introduction of an OLED iPhone that truly will be marketed as a tenth anniversary product. This led to a colossal set of discoveries…


The names of the new devices appear to be iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. These names seem to indicate larger changes coming to the two standard models and a tenth anniversary push for the high end model. Several assets including animations and logos for Face ID were present in the firmware. We now have gotten to see the authentication animation as well as the set up interface. And of course the name. It is indeed Face ID. Additionally, screenshots that display the new home indicator also appear in the leaked firmware. It’s also been made clear that the new devices have the true tone display, portrait lighting in the camera, enhanced camera functionality including 4K at 60 FPS, and a new sleep/wake button with customizable shortcuts. There are also a new line of emoji called “animoji” that mirror the facial expressions that are made by the user.


Apple Watch

Perhaps the most damning discovery in the GM seed is an actual image of the new Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. The new watch has a red digital crown as well as a hot new watch face. The display shows the phone and maps complications as well as a cellular indicator showing your connection strength. There’s also a screenshot displaying the iPhone X and the cellular indicator. Lots of Apple Watch owners are happy that they can keep using the same bands that they’ve purchased for the past two as well.


Another new product was discovered in the firmware and that is a new set of AirPods. The earphones themselves appear unchanged, but the animation for viewing your AirPods’ status shows a new case with an external light. Other than that it doesn’t appear that there are any other changes.

AirPods Revision