Clear is Coming Back and It’s Amazing

I don’t want to give too much away, especially since the developers of Clear haven’t released details publicly about the sequel to the incredibly popular task manager. But I’ve been using Clear 2.0 beta for a few days now and it’s amazing. The original developer behind Clear, RealMacSoftware and Impending have created a phenomenal app. Clear at its core was designed to be a simple yet innovative approach to task management. It was years ahead of its time, landing on iOS with a flat design years before iOS 7 was unveiled. Its subtle animations, seamless user experience, and clever approach to creation and completion turned Clear into a smash hit. Unfortunately, in 2015 development on Clear slowed down and the app hasn’t seen a major update since then. A few days ago I received a surprise TestFlight invitation to try out Clear 2. I’m not going to share any screenshots or specific details, but Clear 2 is quite an achievement in app design. It has the most clever and brilliant implementation of 3D Touch of any app ever released. Once this is out in the wild, I’m sure more developers will consider building these unique interactions into their apps. Clear 2 is more customizable than Clear 1 and takes advantage of the many changes and APIs Apple has added over the past three years. It’s fast, fluid and super smart. I’ve stopped using Things 3 and switched over to Clear 2, and if you know me you know how much I love Things 3. I don’t know when Clear 2 is slated to release on the App Store, but when it does it will be an essential download.