EarPods aren’t Perfect, AirPods aren’t Either

Once AirPods were introduced in 2016, people immediately decided that EarPods looked ancient. Even I was decidedly on the side of thinking EarPods felt and looked old as heck. But guess what? EarPods are virtually exactly the same as AirPods. They’re just attached to a cable and don’t require charging. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my AirPods and they are far and away the best wireless headphones ever made. But wired headphones will forever have an advantage over them. They never stop working. Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my AirPods don’t hold a charge nearly as long as they used to. The case dies faster, my left AirPod lasts longer than my right and bluetooth connectivity has started to get worse overall. I don’t understand why this is the case. But it also has luckily coincided with my return to the good old fashioned iPod. I’ve been using a fourth generation iPod with a pair of EarPods for about a week now. Not only is having all of your music and podcasts locally on your device wonderful, but it’s nice to use headphones that “just work.” I know lots of people have issues with the shape of EarPods, but they fit my ears better than any other headphones ever made. This article isn’t necessarily a rant about AirPods as much as it’s an acknowledgement that wired headphones are better in some ways than wireless headphones. AirPods are magical but once you start heavily using them their flaws become apparent. I hate having to take them out and charge them when I’m in the middle of a great podcast or jamming to tunes on the subway. In my week with an iPod and classic EarPods, I’ve never once had to stop and put them in a charger at an inconvenient moment. Surely, the wires stink, especially after using AirPods for over a year. AirPods won’t be perfect until they have batteries that last days and days. They need batteries that you never realize you have to charge. And one can’t forget the wireless charging case that will make juicing up your headphones faster and more natural. Neither EarPods or AirPods are perfect, but in the meantime EarPods have the leg up.

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