I Hope This is iPhone 7s Plus

iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are expected to be unveiled alongside the new bezel-less iPhone next month, but excitement surrounding the S model phones has been pretty low. That’s changing today thanks to new leaked photos from Sonny Dickson purportedly showing the iPhone 7s Plus. The leaked images show a device with a design very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus except it’s not made out of aluminum, it’s made out of glass much like the iPhone 4. The back antenna lines on the top and bottom have disappeared presumably because cellular signals can now easily pass through the glass back, however there are still lines on the bezel like the iPhone 4s. There’s no longer a reason for a plastic area on the back to allow signals to flow freely. This change also heralds the introduction of wireless charging. Not only does the glass design make the phone significantly more beautiful, it also now allows these two important things to happen without a hitch. It also has a shiny curved metal bezel around the edge sandwiched between the glass panels. I’ve been worried about this year’s launch, I’d really like to get my hands on the high end iPhone “Edition” but rumor has it that the device will be incredibly difficult to find and will be much more expensive. I’m much less worried, because if this phone is the alternative to the new bezel-less iPhone then I won’t be upset having to opt for the iPhone 7s Plus instead. Dickson has a good track record so don’t be surprised if it’s real.

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