If I Could Fix Twitter…

Twitter has a lot going on right now, they’re deep in crisis mode and need to get their act together. As a Twitter user for over ten years, I’ve been thinking a lot about what they need to do to fix the service for us loyal users. Here’s a run down of the moves that I would make if I were put in charge of cleaning up Jack’s mess.

  • Update the terms of service and give Twitter complete control over who is allowed on the site. Get rid of the gray area that gives those who are using hate speech and inciting violence the ability to challenge them on the basis of free speech.
  • Once the terms of service are changed, take time to carefully remove each and every account that violates the terms of service. The terms of service should also be changed so that government officials are no longer exempt.
  • Create new APIs for third party developers to design unique clients for the service. If necessary, set guidelines for what these developers can do with the service. But they shouldn’t be punished just because Twitter is lazy or selfish. They’re just as much a part of the community as Twitter itself is. Twitter should also promote these apps in their own directory. They should help market the apps for those developers to get different types of users.
  • Alternatively, create a system of apps that can be installed on Twitter to customize the experience. If third party developers can’t create clients, they should be allowed to create “modules” of sorts for pro users to tailor their experience.
  • New leadership is needed at Twitter. I’m not saying that Jack needs to go, but they need an expanded executive leadership team to take charge and make the tough decisions. Jack is clearly unable to make the tough decisions and appears to be incapable of pulling the dual-CEO thing off with Square.
  • Update and repackage the TweetDeck website as a Mac app. Not only should Twitter remove access to the website from a browser but they should update the design and functionality of the app. Since Tweetdeck is entirely web based, Twitter doesn’t have to worry about the app being left to die. This does however depend on them consistently updating the app.
  • Create a premium version of Twitter that offers a chronological timeline, fewer ads, and exclusive video content. Ideally, a Twitter premium service should cost around $4.99/month at launch.