LookUp is an Unexpected Gem and an Inside the Park Favorite

When iOS 11 came out, tons of ARKit apps flooded the App Store. I furiously downloaded as many as I could. Eventually I stumbled upon LookUp. I’d heard of the app before but just never got around to buying it. I decided to take the plunge when I saw the new augmented reality mode in LookUp. Simply point the camera at an object and LookUp recognizes it. Tap the button that shows the recognized object and you get a definition or even a Wikipedia entry. As it turns out though, LookUp is much more than just a demo for ARKit. It’s a powerful search and discovery tool. Let me tell you this, I placed LookUp on my main home screen almost immediately after using it for the first time. It’s a stunning example of excellent iOS user interface design.

The developer, Rajesh Bhargava, has clearly put a great deal of work in his app. Not only is there a new word of the day, every single day, but there is also an accompanying graphic that is always stunning. You can scroll through previous words of the day, but it’s really more of a mini art gallery. When you tap on a word you get a clean bold text based interface that fits in perfectly with the new look of iOS 11.

What I really like about LookUp though is how great it is for researching information. You can use it as a dictionary or even a Wikipedia client. It’s an excellent tool and a great resource that everyone should have on their iPhone. Long story short, LookUp is an essential iPhone app and is now an Inside the Park favorite.