My Favorite Announcements at WWDC

This year’s WWDC keynote left a lot of us yelling “finally.” The keynote was full of announcements that we’ve been waiting years for. Now that I’ve had time to fully digest everything from WWDC, I wanted to break down my favorite announcements.

Jim Dalrymple’s Cameo

There were so many moments from the show that got me excited, whether they were new features or special cameos. As the keynote kicked off, we got to see the spectacularly hilarious “developer migration” video. As much as I loved the entire video, my favorite moment was seeing Jim Dalrymple clad in his old WWDC gear. This felt like both fan service and recognition of longtime members of the community.

Workflow Supercharges Siri

I knew almost immediately when Craig began to introduce Siri shortcuts that they were going to be a replacement for Workflow. As a big user of Workflow since its inception, I was stoked when it all came together during the demo.

This is When My Jaw Dropped

When “memoji” appeared on the ultra widescreen I got very excited. Since it followed the new Animoji I pretty much knew what was coming, personalized Animoji. My face lit up with excitement that I haven’t had from an Apple announcement since the original Apple Watch unveiling.

Connected Takes the Stage

One of my favorite podcasts of all time made its very first appearance in an official Apple capacity. I was just as excited as the Relay FM crew was. The watchOS 5 announcement was pretty underwhelming, but this was special.

Marzipan Almost Gets the “one more thing…” Treatment

Even though it didn’t officially get the “one more thing…” treatment, it certainly deserved it. Officially dubbed “sneak peek,” Apple’s plan to bring iOS apps to the Mac using a modified version of AppKit combined with UIKit was perhaps the best announcement from WWDC, even if it’s not coming until next year.