Red iPhone 8 Launching Tomorrow

Red iPhone 7 (courtesy Pocket-Lint)

Tomorrow morning Apple will apparently announce a new (PRODUCT) Red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus much like they did last year with iPhone 7. MacRumors is reporting that a Virgin Mobile memo states that Apple will launch the device tomorrow, presumably by press release. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has also confirmed that the red iPhone 8 models will launch this week.

Some are speculating that Apple will also finally launch AirPower and the wireless AirPods charging case. Don’t expect new cases or watch bands as those launched last month alongside the new iPad. There is potential for a new color iPhone X, which could be gold or red. However, there is no hard evidence to support that one will launch tomorrow.

I’ll be very surprised by this announcement considering Apple just had several about two weeks ago. The timing is quite strange, but it is exciting to see Apple launch new products at such a rapid rate.