Shortcuts is Out in the Wild and It’s Incredible

Apple has made a few noteworthy acquisitions over the years, most notably Beats in 2013. To this day it is the primary example of Apple acquiring another company. That narrative is about to change. Workflow has been one of the best iOS apps since its introduction and is a fan favorite among power users. When it was announced that Apple had acquired the company, there was fear among the community that Apple would dumb down the app or get rid of it entirely. That didn’t happen. At WWDC Apple unveiled Shortcuts, a new app that looked a lot like Workflow but was infused with Siri’s magical new powers.

Apple just opened a TestFlight beta for registered developers and now that many of us have the app running on our phones, we’re finally seeing just how powerful Shortcuts is. It turns out it is incredibly versatile and allows you to create your own personal Siri. I highly suggest you keep your eyes peeled over on MacStories since Federico is the king of iOS automation.