So, This Notch Thing

Recently I was reminded of the fact that the a bezel-less phones looks a lot like any other Android phone. But part of this reminder was that once the iPhone X is released, the iconic image of the iPhone will disappear. People have been saying that the notch is an eyesore that only exists because Apple cannot make a fully bezel-less device. I think that this goes much deeper. I believe that the notch is intentional design, Apple rarely designs a product without a strong intention. What I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that any glyph that has leaked for the new iPhone X displays the notch in full force. Apple knew that they would need to retain an iconic design that could be represented anywhere. So Apple may have put the notch there because they wanted it. That design, before it is even released, is already iconic. The classic, ten year old forehead and chin with a circle is being replaced with a corner to corner display with an eyebrow at the top.

Glyph present in iOS 11