Because Steve’s Not Here, Apple Lets New Products Speak for Themselves — The Reveal Videos

Phil Schiller Introduces iPhone X

After Steve passed away, Apple began introducing new products with breathtaking videos. I believe this change was made because nobody could introduce these products in a fashion better than Steve, so they let the products speak for themselves. Afterall, Steve lives on the products themselves. There have been many great videos that appeared during keynotes over the past several years. It’s impossible for me to rank these because I love them all so much, so I decided just to embed them below for your enjoyment. I get chills every time I watch them.

Mac Pro

This ill-fated computer got an over the top unveiling. It reminds me of how everything went down with the G4 Cube.

iPhone 5c

I love this one because of how colorful it is. Too bad the product turned out to be lackluster. Note that this is the reveal video with music added for a television commercial.

iPhone 5s

The first gold iPhone was a big deal, so the introduction of it had to be really special. Luckily, the reveal video didn’t disappoint. Note that this is the reveal video with music added for a television commercial.

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

To introduce the biggest iPhone design change up until that point, Apple needed to get people really excited. The iPhone 6 reveal video titled “Seamless” had an epic song play over stunning visuals of the new device, only to lead up to a surprise plus sized version.

Apple Watch

This is perhaps my favorite of them all. The first new Apple product since the iPad needed an incredible unveiling and this video didn’t disappoint.

iPad Air 2

This particular video was both tranquil and jaw dropping at the same time. A simple pencil that appeared in the iPad Air ads was sliced in half by a thin laser. Whoever thought of it is a genius.

iMac with 5K Retina Display

The Retina Display is one of the biggest advancements that Apple has made with their devices. So with the iMac being the last device to get it, this one was perfect. Note that this is the reveal video with music added for a television commercial.


The 12" MacBook was the first major update to Apple’s notebook line since the original MacBook Air. The reveal for the reborn MacBook was sexy as hell and worked perfectly.

Apple Watch in Gold & Rose Gold

The second Apple Watch reveal video was shorter but still effective. It perfectly showed the beautiful device on a white background as the original did but this time there were new gold and rose gold watches.

iPhone 6s

Like the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s also introduced a new color. Rose gold needed a sexy introduction and it got one, coming out of the shadows.

iPad Pro

An epic device gets an epic reveal. You just have to watch this one.

Apple TV

The fourth generation Apple TV was a long awaited product, so the reveal video was a bit more detailed than they usually are showing software components and people using the device.

Apple Watch Series 2

The first fully water resistant Apple Watch was shameless about sharing it with the world.

MacBook Pro

This is one of my favorites, it’s one of the video times that Apple actually looks back on what they’ve accomplished.


Another new category of device from Apple got an epic unveiling. The HomePod reveal had the perfect song to accompany it.

Apple Watch Series 3

I love this one because the music is perfectly timed for an epic reveal. It also does a great job of revealing what you can do with it, like answering a call while surfing.

iPhone 8

Never has a product that people are so unexcited about had such an exciting reveal.

iPhone X

This one is truly the reveal video to beat all reveal videos. Not because the video itself is so great, but because the product stands above the rest. There was more anticipation for iPhone X than any other Apple product in recent history. The video had to deliver and it did.

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