The Fourth Generation iPod

My fourth generation iPod peeking out of its iPod sock

When I ordered an old iPod, I said that I would tell you about my experiences with it. Let me start by saying that my first week with the fourth generation iPod was very special. It felt so good to have my personal library locally on a device designed especially for music. But that wasn’t even the best part. The classic white iPod is one of the most beautiful things ever designed. Not to mention the fact that the iPod’s simple software combined with it’s back-lit monochromatic display makes for a much more personal music experience. There aren’t any distractions when using an iPod. Sure, there are a few super simple games and space for your calendars and contacts. But iPod is about music first and foremost. I rediscovered songs I haven’t listened to in years. So far it’s been a great experience. iPods let you stay present in ways that the iPhone never will.

Now I have to mention that I never owned a fourth generation iPod when it was new. I never owned a white iPod classic either. My fifth generation iPod was black. All of my other iPods were shuffles, nanos, and touches. That’s why it feels extra special to use a white iPod now. The fourth generation iPod is one the most iconic designs anyone has ever created. It’s quintessentially Apple. The stainless steel back, the shiny white face, the smooth click wheel, and the small display combine to create a device like no other. It’s hard not to mention that the iPod was a formula that still hasn’t been copied to this day, unlike the iPhone which has been consistently ripped off. There’s something unique about the iPod as a product. I would argue that it isn’t even a gadget, it’s a personal music collection in your pocket. This isn’t my full review of using the iPod in 2018, so stay tuned for more later on.