Thoughts on That YouTube Video From Caffè Macs

A few days ago a video from vlogger Brooke Amelia Peterson went viral on YouTube following its discovery by some Apple fans. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the subject, so I figured that I would throw my hat in the ring. There seems to be a mixed reaction to Apple’s decision to fire Peterson’s father, the employee who allowed an iPhone X prototype to appear on camera. Some tech pundits believe that Peterson shouldn’t have been fired for a few reasons. The first being that the product was already announced and the second being that it “takes itself this seriously” as the Outline’s Josh Topolsky put it. Others, namely John Gruber, arguably the premiere journalist covering Apple, believe that his firing was completely warranted. I’m on Gruber’s side. Anyone that knows even the slightest thing about Apple knows that the golden rule internally is to keep your mouth shut. It’s still wild to me that this guy let his daughter film inside private parts of Apple’s campus, let alone the fact that he let her film a video of an unreleased device. His iPhone X reportedly included product codenames, secret internal software, and internal QR codes. I’m sure Peterson is very talented, otherwise he wouldn’t have been working on iPhone X at Apple. But he should’ve known that talking about it, let alone showing it to someone else is highly forbidden. Since he was fired, it was clearly not a stunt. It still boggles my mind as to how this girl was able to film with a complete camera rig in the most secretive corporate campus in the world. All this required was common sense. Clearly this guy couldn’t find it at the time. I’d also like to take a second to comment on his daughter’s video following his dismissal. She says that Apple “is gonna do a much better job from here on out on addressing the rules and making sure everyone is aware of the rules.” She also says that she thinks he didn’t deserve this, but that Apple has a no tolerance policy. Apple has made it clear to the entire world for over twenty years that it doesn't tolerate leakers or rule breakers. They don’t need to do a “better job,” even people outside of Apple know better. Peterson also says to basically blame her and not her father. Her father is 100% to blame and people both inside and outside of Apple have every right to be mad at him. I was both stunned and fuming when this video was released. I’m still speechless.