Thoughts on the Red iPhone

The new (PRODUCT) Red iPhone is a beauty. I’ve always wanted Apple to make a red iPhone and now it’s a reality. There are a few things that I noticed about it though that are quite odd to me. For one thing, the home button and the stainless steel Apple logo are silver, not red. All of the other iPhones have matching components except for this one. Why is that the case? I have no idea. Keep in mind that it’s a special edition and it could just be a style thing. It could also be a production problem where it is too difficult to manufacture a red touch ID ring and a red stainless steel logo. The red is also different from all of the other (PRODUCT) Red Apple products. It’s darker than the iPod Touch or iPod nano. Some are calling it crimson. Another thing I’d like to note is that the white face is actually beautiful with the red chassis. Some have complained that it should be black, I disagree. My biggest gripe overall however is what I said above about the silver components. Everyone covers their iPhone with a case, so why not put a red home button on the front to show off the fact that you have a red iPhone. Otherwise if you are going to cover it with a case, you can just get a silver one because it’s identical from the front.

One thing is for sure, my next iPhone will be red.

The (RED) iPhone
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