Twitter Doesn’t Understand Its Users or What Makes The Service So Iconic

Photo Credit: The Atlantic

A few days ago Twitter began rolling out longer tweets for a small pool of users. Tweets can now be as long as 280 characters, double the iconic 140. This is stupid. Yep, it’s completely stupid. Let me tell you why. Twitter has previously used the excuse that editing tweets would change the very fabric of Twitter. So why now are they changing the fabric in a much bigger and more destructive way? Because they’re under a lot of pressure to “innovate.” Doubling the character limit takes away the most iconic part of Twitter. Everyone knows that a tweet can be 140 characters. The most requested feature of Twitter is editable tweets, not longer ones. Twitter is ignoring their users primary request and instead ruining their identity. Editable tweets would be a game changer for Twitter both for current users as well as new users. I have seen a few 280 character tweets pop up in my timeline and they look terrible. They’re too long and they are making people purposefully write longer sentences. That’s not what Twitter is about. It’s about short bursts of information that users have to carefully craft so they fit the character limit. Jack Dorsey, if you somehow stumble upon this article, please reconsider this change and instead make tweets editable. You’ll make your customers very, very happy.

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