Twitter is a mess, use Tweetbot

Twitter is in the midst of chaos. Their leadership has no direction, their app is a mess, they keep making changes users don’t like, and Twitter has an identity crisis. This means using the Twitter app isn’t very enjoyable, it’s an ugly conglomeration of features and ads that don’t make sense. So use Tweetbot, the best Twitter app ever written. TapBots has been making iOS apps for most of the iPhone’s lifetime. Tweetbot is by far their most popular title and for good reason. Tweetbot is slick, streamlined, customizable and is clean of all of Twitter’s problems. There are no ads and no stupid replies. Even though is doesn’t change very often, it means that Tweetbot is already the perfect Twitter client. Tweetbot has everything that it needs already. Long story short, download Tweetbot and you won’t regret it.

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