Twitter Killed Their Watch App, So Get Tweetings

Twitter killed their Apple Watch app last week. The big story was that another major developer was discontinuing their Apple Watch app. But I think it’s the wrong story to be focusing on. Indie developers have made some incredible apps for the watch. Once I realized the Twitter app was discontinued, I immediately started looking for an alternative. I stumbled across Tweetings. Not only is Tweetings still available, it’s better in every way than Twitter’s old app. It’s native, so it loads much faster than the old first party app. You can see your mentions and messages too. Tweetings also shows you much more of your timeline. It even lets you tweet whatever you’re listening to. Tweetings is $2.99 and totally worth the price if you own an Apple Watch. I still think Twitter is one of the best services to use on Apple Watch, it’s personally my favorite app on the Apple Watch. I use it to read my timeline more than anything else.

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