What will the Steve Jobs Theater be like?

Rendering of the Steve Jobs Theater (From The Verge)

A week from Tuesday Apple will open up Apple Park for the first time for a major event. This of course is the launch of three new iPhones, the next generation Apple Watch, and a few other things. Everyone has been focusing on the products themselves, but I’m actually a bit more excited to finally see what Steve Jobs looks like. The theater dedicated to Steve Jobs better be just as amazing as the man himself. Well today we got a look at the theater a few months ago while it was under construction. Apparently the images had been posted to Google Maps awhile ago but many are just seeing them for the first time today. They have me very excited because they certainly appear to show an aesthetic that matches the most recent Apple stores. You can check out the pictures on Instagram below. They show a light wood design very nicely laid out. I’m stoked to see the theater finished with Tim Cook on stage with a picture of the new iPhone behind him.

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