Where is the Shortcuts App?

Craig Announces Siri Shortcuts at WWDC

Ever since WWDC, developers have been clamoring to get their hands on the new Shortcuts app coming this fall with iOS 12. First demoed at WWDC, the Shortcuts app replaces Workflow which Apple acquired last year. Siri shortcuts are a major part of iOS 12 and while you can make some shortcuts with the existing Workflow app and add suggested ones in the settings app, developers have been hoping with each new beta of iOS 12 that the app would be included. When it was demoed at WWDC the app appeared to be pretty much finished, which is why developers were so surprised when the app wasn’t included with the first beta. With iOS 10, Apple released the first four iMessage sticker packs on the App Store during the beta period and were only downloadable for developers testing the new software. This begs the question, why haven’t they released Shortcuts on the App Store for developers running iOS 12 beta?