18 Apps, 4 Demo Jams, 1 Winner: See Which Salesforce Accelerate Partner Came Out on Top

Holly Rushton
AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem
7 min readJun 30, 2020


Bust out the digital confetti: our most recent cohort of Salesforce Accelerate companies just graduated! These 18 AppExchange partners — both the largest cohort to-date in the program’s history and the first to complete the 12-week program 100% online — were part of the Salesforce Accelerate Grow program, which helps existing partners accelerate their growth in the marketplace.

It’s become a rite of passage for Accelerate Grow participants to compete in a Demo Jam before graduation. Demo Jams are a fast-paced, game show-style competition where partners have just three minutes to demo their apps live (no slides allowed), and the audience votes for their favorite demo. With 18 apps to showcase, this could only mean one thing: a whole week of Demo Jams, culminating in a MEGA Demo Jam.

Let’s take a look at each Demo Jam and the apps that were a part of each.

Demo Jam #1 — Appinium, Automation Anywhere, Odaseva, LiveData, MogliSMS, Reputation Studio

Hosted by Salesforce MVPs Nik Panter and Aleksandra Radovanovic, this Demo Jam kickstarted the competition and had us all singing along (thanks, Mal).


Appinium showcased how its video and learning solution can help drive engagement and interaction — all within Salesforce.

Automation Anywhere

This demo showcased how this app enables any Salesforce form to reach out to an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software bot, pass data, and get a response.


Odaseva used their three minutes to show how to accelerate customer trust and save time with a consumer rights management demo in a Salesforce org.


LiveData took us on a day-of surgery journey, showcasing its PeriOp Manager for Salesforce Health Cloud solution which streamlines surgical workflows for the patient and the hospital, increasing productivity and safety.

Mogli SMS

This AppExchange partner sang its app’s praises, covering how it helps higher ed, NPOs, and Financial Services organizations improve lead generation, conversion, communication, and sales via text messaging.

**WINNER** Reputation Studio

Reputation Studio demoed how a customer review on an ecommerce website kick starts the building of a 360-degree view in Salesforce, complete with case creation and resolution all through Salesforce.

Watch this winning demo here.

Demo Jam #2 — Highspot, Neurored, Icertis, Interlace Health, AutoRABIT, Zenkraft

Hosted by Salesforce MVPs Jodi Wagner and Tal Frankfurt, the second Demo Jam in the competition included rabbit costumes, a sing-a-long, and plenty of amazing technology.


Highspot demoed how easy it can be to update presentations with relevant content, get feedback and insights, and even email directly from its sales enablement tool.

**WINNER** Neurored

The Neurored team spent their three minutes showing — or really, singing — how its app can handle everything from order placement to delivery for traders and freight forwarders involved in global trade.

Watch the winning demo here.


Icertis demoed how its customers are bringing agility to their sales process with its contract management app, including search and update clauses, sending for approval, and more all from within Salesforce.

Interlace Health

For some, registering as a patient at a health care organization is not a pleasant experience. Interlace Health delivers an improved patient and provider experience with pre-populated information on forms, the ability to scan insurance cards, and patient intake dashboards.


AutoRABIT brought its mascot to demo how its solution provides data recovery, leveraging extensive daily rollbacks without data loss, and can help customers meet data and metadata audit and compliance needs.


Retailers and ecommerce companies get asked a lot of questions, but likely none so more as “What’s my shipment status?” Zenkraft walked through how its solution helps companies automate returns, answer shipment status questions, and fulfill orders with 60+ shipping carriers on the Salesforce platform.

Demo Jam #3 — LevelJump, Sightcall, Geneia, ComplianceQuest, Parsable, Natterbox

The third and final Demo Jam to determine who would compete in the MEGA Demo Jam was hosted by Salesforce MVPs Shonnah Hughes and Om Prakash and featured some great storytelling to showcase technology.


In three minutes, LevelJump demoed how their solution can accelerate success for sales reps, sales managers, analyze enablement programs’ impact to sales performance, and map enablement programs over time.

**WINNER** SightCall

Visual Support has always been a critical element, but SightCall elevated the importance it has today due to COVID-19 in its demo. Their three minutes were filled with how its solution is helping people get the care they need at home while keeping families and health care professionals safe.

Check out the winning demo in this video.


Geneia showcased its Theon Care Management solution that was tailor-made for physician organizations, hospitals, and healthcare systems needing to quickly assess and triage patients seeking COVID-19 information, resources, and care.


ComplianceQuest, one of the AppExchange partners extending Work.com, demoed its workforce digitization solution. This solution includes document management, learning management, and change management all under one unified model.


During these three minutes, we went on a journey about a manufacturer handling a large chemical order, overcoming challenges of disruption in operations due to COVID-19, leveraging Parsable’s job type templates and more.


Natterbox used its three minutes to demo how its solution can increase speed-to-connect with customers via its web2lead functionality. This means salespeople can quickly follow up and engage prospective customers.

MEGA Demo Jam

The three winners went to battle, alongside our Salesforce MVP hosts Nik Panter and Melinda Smith, on June 24 in the Salesforce Accelerate MEGA Demo Jam with Sightcall claiming the MEGA victory. We asked the three partners to share their thoughts on their experience during the Salesforce Accelerate program and the Demo Jams.

Joe Hudicka, Managing Director, Neurored

“#GRATITUDE to Salesforce for enabling partners like Neurored and our Salesforce Accelerate Colleagues! The name says it all — Salesforce Accelerate is truly a guided path to success, a rocketship to the bigger, brighter future we all seek to inspire and deliver together.

AND DEMO JAM?!? I mean HOW COOL IS IT to enable such creativity and collaboration amongst community partners? Thank you Salesforce!”

Matt Wolf, SVP Global Alliances, SightCall

“SightCall is proud to be a Salesforce Accelerate Demo Jam finalist. SightCall had an outstanding experience with the Accelerate Program. We discovered high-value strategies and tactics to grow our company and collaborate with Salesforce across sales, marketing, and product.”

Jon Jessup, Founder & CEO, Reputation Studio

“The Salesforce Accelerate Grow program was a great resource for our team at Reputation Studio during these challenging times of our business. We’re taking what we learned throughout the program and applying it to every aspect of our Go-To-Market strategy with Salesforce, as well as our new V2MOM. We were also able to build two new Salesforce AppExchange Solutions. To wrap things up, the MEGA Demo Jam was a great way for us to showcase the incredible innovation that Reputation Studio is delivering for our mutual customers around Salesforce Customer 360, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud!”

You can watch all Demo Jams on AppExchange’s YouTube channel, and check out appdemojam.com.



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AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem

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