25 ROI Stats on Building Apps on Salesforce

Key takeaways from a recent IDC report

Apps are accelerating enterprise digital transformation, and are in high demand fueled by changing business ecosystems. However, understanding the new and ever-changing customer expectations, managing digital disruption, and maintaining profitability is an ongoing challenge.

Recently, the IDC interviewed twelve organizations that are using Salesforce as a platform for developing and delivering apps to their employees and customers. The result was a report, The ROI of Building Apps on Salesforce, which, according to these interviewed Salesforce customers, showcased amazing levels of agility, scalability, productivity, infrastructure and revenue from their app development on the Salesforce platform.

While I recommend reading the full report (and infographic below), here’s a look at the IDC’s findings in 25 game-changing stats.

Stats on the ROI of building apps on Salesforce

  1. 478% five-year ROI

2. 7 month breakeven point

3. $55,100 of additional revenue per year per 100 users

4. $242,272 in business benefits per 100 users per year

5. 50% faster application development life cycle

6. 59% less time to release new application or feature

7. 38% more efficient IT infrastructure management

Stats on customers’ outlook with Salesforce

8. 44% more new apps developed per year

9. 64% identified themselves as digital explorers or players

10. 22% identified themselves as digital transformers or disrupters

11. 90% of IT projects by 2018 will center on hybrid cloud computing, experimentation, quick turnaround times and high-quality output

12. 65% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud computing by 2018

Stats on building on Salesforce:

13. 36% less time spent by IT staff on app features

14. 30% less time spent by IT staff on app development

15. $4,816 saved per 100 users per year over five years

16. 38% of respondents were more effective

17. 58% less downtime

18. 6.4 weeks saved per app

20. 14% increase in productivity

21. 16,100 hours gained per organization per year

Stats on businesses that use Salesforce:

22. $918,500 more revenue per year

23. 10% increase in total revenue

24. 7 months to break even

25. $129,021 increased revenue per 100 users

Read more about the report and calculate your very own ROI with the App Cloud ROI Calculator.