5 Ways AppExchange Helps CIOs Drive Transformation

Rebeccah Yeadon
Sep 16 · 2 min read

The role of the CIO has evolved over the years; a balance of priorities is now required in order to keep streamlining processes and making IT foundations more resilient, as well as keeping one eye on the future and finding new ways to drive innovation.

With the help of Salesforce AppExchange apps, CIOs can drive down the time they need to spend dealing with routine system maintenance and discover game-changing solutions to monetise and be a competitive differentiator.

Here are just a few areas that can be strengthened through the digital transformation AppExchange provides.


Before starting to drive digital innovation, having solid compliance in place is an essential building block in order to build confidence and trust, and demonstrate that quality and improvement are key business values. AppExchange apps cover everything from employee and customer compliance, to regulatory compliance and operating standards, helping to ensure you have the basics right.

Customer Experience

The key consideration when improving systems and processes is always — how can we deliver better services for the end-user? To build stronger customer relationships, AppExchange solutions help improve communications across all channels, facilitating seamless user experience and equipping teams with the data tools to uncover powerful marketing insights.

Employee Engagement

Of course, great experiences don’t just matter for customers. Focussing on employee experience and engagement is an essential investment, and when it comes to company culture, recruitment practices, staff onboarding, and employee wellness — technology plays a huge part. There are lots of innovative solutions available to help CIOs deliver more for employees and the business, and fuel significant change.

Process Improvements

Often a lack of integration between departmental systems leads to business inefficiencies, with disjointed, manual processes draining resources. By implementing apps that can automate and digitise processes, CIOs can leverage this technology to achieve better quality and insights, seamless ERP integration, and drive towards a paperless office. Plus, the value of Salesforce AppExchange is that each of these solutions runs through the same platform, providing a rich, single view of activity.

Digital Innovation

On top of these foundational initiatives, CIOs are required to be constantly looking to the future and thinking of game-changing projects that push the status quo and change the way the business operates in the long term. Digital transformation is a constant demand on businesses, and to achieve this, CIOs require apps that can significantly drive innovation, supporting change management and agility across the whole organisation.

For more information about how AppExchange apps can help enhance businesses, accelerate goals, and drive transformation, download the ebook The CIOs Guide to Transformation with AppExchange.