8 Benefits of Using Salesforce Portal for Nonprofits

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Nonprofits are the backbone for the judiciary and cultural changes that are initiatives for a better future. Recent times have reflected an evident relationship between funders and nonprofits. Many foundations have started the journey without installing suitable systems. Systems that can help them scale up the social impact results. Luckily, there is a solution for them; Salesforce and AppExchange offer excellent data management tools and unique offerings like the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Usually, nonprofits have limited budgets, and they don’t want to risk endless dollars in a system that results in no solid ROI. This blog post will explore how Salesforce and AppExchange technology offer nonprofits a better way to function, scale, and grow.

What is NPSP and How does it help Nonprofits?

Salesforce’s NPSP is a set of managed packages that are created and maintained by Salesforce.org. NPSP is freely available at Salesforce AppExchange. NPSP is known for enabling the effective management of nonprofit business processes. Currently, it’s compatible with Salesforce Classic.

The Nonprofit Success Pack is a preconfigured app for nonprofits, designed to simplify the daily activities of nonprofits. It is a user-friendly constituent management and fundraising application. It’s an open-source product keeping in mind the needs of nonprofits. It’s developed in partnership with the Salesforce.org community. NPSP helps nonprofits to achieve their goals whether they are well-established, moderately staffed or even all-volunteer.

With NPSP, your nonprofit organization can:

  • Manage donation payments, contacts, organization accounts, affiliations, etc
  • Track relationships between donations, recurring donations, and contacts

Another key aspect of NPSP is out-of-the-box “Rollup Summary Fields”. One must note that these fields are not part of standard Salesforce CRM. They are only part of the NPSP package. These fields enable in automatic tracking of:

  • First Donation Date
  • First Donation Amount
  • Last Donation Date
  • Last Donation Amount
  • Total Gifts

The values in these fields are calculated automatically. The calculation is based on Opportunity records that are created to track Donations.

Salesforce is the best solution for nonprofits because of its highly valuable functionalities and features. Here we shall see how those features and functionalities can benefit your nonprofit business:

1. Organizational Needs

Salesforce is useful for various nonprofit organizations, especially for donor management. It adds value and supports various functions of nonprofits like raising funds, tracking volunteers, donors, or generating leads by individually coding the changes after a special request. It increases organizational management, which leads to the enhancement of productivity and efficiency for jobs. Even if any needful function is not part of the Salesforce package; there is an option for customizing to expand.

2. Returning the Power of Us

This feature makes Salesforce a cost-efficient option for non-profit organizations. This feature donates 10 Salesforce subscriptions at once with many discounts on its subscriptions and services. This can be a primary benefit for cash-starved nonprofit organizations. Additionally, it allows the nonprofit organization to use this solution for free up to 30 days before investing in actual commitment.

3. Compatibility of Integration

Most nonprofit organizations use wealth-screening applications to identify potential donors. And, Salesforce is endowed with the AppExchange which includes tools for donor management that nonprofits can use. Nonprofits also need to remember that the Salesforce Integration approach is only needed to keep two or more system results in sync. One should not use integration if the data is often used and if the data used on the other system is not real-time. Integration is sharing the data between applications: many organizations and impact funds choose Salesforce for nonprofits as a cloud platform.

The implementation of Salesforce integration grows from simple data management to a comprehensive ecosystem of all the connected applications. Observations say that nonprofits grow from a 1:1 app integration to over 150 app integrations within a decade. To connect various apps to a Salesforce hub, various tools of Cloud Integration are available like Zapier and Work, which one can use to connect various applications. These tools provide built-in integrations for applications.

4. Strong Nonprofit Community

There is a community of more than 20,000 active nonprofits and innovative academic institutions using Salesforce. It builds a thriving network of consulting firms exclusively for nonprofits and education. The community gathers on a supportive, private social network known as the Power of Us HUB for sharing successes and solves challenges together.

5. Extensive Support

Salesforce has a solid and robust inbuilt support system to help clients. This support can usually help you through the most challenging spots anytime you need it. You can also get one-on-one assistance if one has minor questions about the product. In case of significant implementation support, one can also hire a consulting partner. And for any technical question, the nonprofit can also go for a Technical Support Ticket. They can even opt for a Premier Success Plan, which is often available at a discount for Salesforce customers. Learning about fixing issues by talking to peers is also an option here.

6. Robust Security and Sharing Model

Salesforce boasts a robust security and sharing model, allowing nonprofits to limit access or functionality within their organization. Few examples of this limit access to who can see donation information or allow only specific people to update or change program data.

7. Flexible Workflow Automation

Salesforce stands best for its workflow automation. It is easy to automate your standard processes like sending an email to key staff whenever someone does a large amount of donation, sending a weekly summary of volunteer activities to a volunteer manager, etc.

Salesforce Customer Portal enables an easy and centralized synchronization between the portal and Salesforce CRM. You can keep your customer engagement alive and updated about the ongoing or upcoming rallies or events by streamlining your user management process with the help of emails and notifications. And the best part- there is no need to keep switching between different interfaces because you can manage every funding report and volunteer data or tasks from a single dashboard itself. And these all features are affordable, too, as you will just need to write a single line of code.

Wrapping Up

Nonprofit organizations are in great demand for uplifting the world’s values, people’s morals and upgrading the law system. This need for nonprofits is rising rapidly due to the rise in conflict zones and displaced populations. Although they have a completely different business plan than the usual profit-making businesses, nonprofits also need to increase their scale and scope to reach more people. Thus, they have started to use more technology to increase their operations and expansion of their presence.

Salesforce is the best CRM solution that offers the most reliable support for CRM by using its great features like:

  • Integration compatibility
  • Extended support
  • Broad scope of expansion of resources.

It provides complete satisfaction to the organization’s needs. Ensuring that trained personnel operate Salesforce, or else you might miss on its maximum benefit. You might also have to face massive challenges for user experience if not correctly used even at the elementary level. So, it is highly advisable to hire people with actual Salesforce training and certification as an added advantage for long-term benefits.



Nonprofits are required the most for making the world a better place to live. And to help them with maintaining their monetary and volunteer record, Salesforce portal lends them a helping hand with various features and benefits.

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