Building Tomorrow’s Salesforce Talent Today

Each quarter, Salesforce shares our results with investors and analysts. And, each quarter, our ability to speak the language of our customers and to work with an incredible partner community drives our success. 
For the third quarter, that trend continued.

  • Globally, partners were engaged in 64 percent of our new business
  • Partner certifications grew at a double-digit pace for the 19th consecutive quarter
  • The number of our $1-million deals increased 46 percent over last year
  • Our industry products, built with our partners, are among the fastest growing products at Salesforce

Behind each statistic are stories of cooperation, opportunity, and a commitment to the success of our shared customers. And to every one of our partners, we say thank you.
But this is just the beginning.
IDC estimates that there will be 3.3 million new jobs in the Salesforce economy by 2022 driving nearly $1 trillion in GDP — a reality that has all of us looking for talent. That’s why we’re focusing on a trio of initiatives today to expand partners’ reach and capabilities — to take advantage of the opportunity tomorrow.

“We are very, very focused on our partners, and we have plans with them to not only increase their capacity, but also to enhance their capabilities, to make sure that they get the right skills at the right time so that they can convert and cannibalize their practices from their legacy providers.” — Keith Block, Co-CEO, Salesforce (11/27/2018)

#1: Learning Paths

New self-guided Learning Paths can take anyone from zero skills to expert simply, quickly, and for free. Learning Paths build on Trailhead — they provide curated content with thousands of targeted assets to help partners sell, get certified, and stay up-to-date with the latest from Salesforce. The initial 18 paths focus on a range of Salesforce products, ranging from Sales and Marketing to Integration and Industries Clouds. In the short time that these have been available, we’ve seen more than 11,500 unique visitors engage with these paths more than 76,000 times.

#2: Specialized Training

While Learnings Paths build skills, specialized training initiatives expand your pool of Salesforce talent. These efforts bring together people around the world who want to build their careers inside of the Salesforce ecosystem. 
For example, Vetforce has a mission to train 35,000 military veterans and their spouses in Salesforce skills and then to help them find new careers as Salesforce Admins, Developers, or Business Analysts. They embark on learning journeys where they receive structured, self-paced Salesforce training, collaborate in an online community, and achieve Salesforce certification. Partners around the world have started to place these women and men in key roles. What started as a U.S. initiative has expanded to Canada, Australia, and the UK. 
We’re constantly expanding training initiatives to reach new communities of people and grow the talent resources for our partners and customers.

#3: Connecting Partners & People

I mentioned the IDC forecast of 3.3 million new Salesforce economy jobs by 2022; that includes at least a quarter-million additional consultants. Developing talent to fill that need is only part of the equation. We need to connect our partners with the people ready to join our community. 
Talent Exchange is the newest effort to match recent graduates, skilled on Salesforce, with our partners’ workforce needs. The Talent Exchange sign-up page gets you started. Combined with our recruiting efforts at universities around the world, we’re going the extra mile to make hiring the right person for the right job as easy as a couple of clicks.
Salesforce’s Q3 results are amazing, and all of us share in the achievements. To keep that momentum going for the long-term, we know what we have to do: train people with in-demand skills, connect them with our partners to expand our talent resources and continue to collaborate on lasting customer success. When we do that, we’ll continue to see an incredible wave of customer innovation and a future that’s driven by Salesforce.

Listen to the recent earnings call to learn more about Q3 results.