8 CTI Apps to Improve Call Quality and Increase Team Productivity

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The hassle of dropped calls is a pain point we’re all too familiar with. But when sales and support teams are distracted by bad call quality, how are they to effectively service customers? The good news is with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) apps, available on AppExchange, you can create an entire call center in minutes, all from Salesforce.

Check out these eight CTI apps for Salesforce users and start improving your call experience today.

Aircall CTI

Aircall provides an instant, flexible phone integration that adapts to your workflows and adds call center features to your Salesforce experience. Benefit from features including CTI, click-to-dial, IVR, power dialer, numbers in more than 50 countries, and more. This app also allows you to make and receive calls on your mobile app and have every interaction automatically logged in your CRM.

Amazon Connect CTI Adapter

The newly updated Amazon Connect CTI Adapter makes it easy to use your Amazon Connect contact center with Salesforce to deliver engaging service at any scale. This free app is cloud-based, self-service, and allows agents to start making calls with only a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.

CTI by Revenue.io

CTI by Revenue.io combines telephony, SMS, email, IVR, ACD, and CTI with conversation intelligence for every phone call. This free app on AppExchange also offers ringDNA, which helps inside sales and SDR teams connect with more customers and close deals more efficiently.

Fastcall CTI

Automate and manage your calls with Fastcall, a CTI/telephony/call center solution that helps increase sales productivity and improves customer service. With features such as call logging, click-to-dial, IVR, call recording, video calls, omnichannel, SMS, and MMS, this app is lightweight, simple to use, and designed to give you results quickly.

Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

Seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce platform, Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center provides agents with powerful call controls for inbound, outbound, and blended calls and campaigns in one environment. Empower your agents to deliver better customer experiences with a full set of contact center capabilities including ACD, IVR, CTI, and predictive dialer functionality.

Integrated Communications by CloudCall

Improve your caller’s experience and boost your team’s productivity with essential phone features like click to call from Salesforce, auto-dialler, the ability to add call notes to leads and contacts, call recording and playback, local presence numbers, conference calls, and controls to dial, pause, and mute calls, now all available from Integrated Communications by CloudCall.


Natively integrated with Salesforce, Natterbox delivers key CTI and contact center features directly into your CRM. Improve the quality of your voice conversations with your customers and drive efficiencies across sales operations with productivity-boosting CTI features including IVR, ACD, click-to-dial, call recording, call routing, mobile, speech analytics, auto-logging, and dialer for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Service Cloud Voice.

Vonage for Service Cloud Voice and Contact Center, CTI, Speech Analytics

Vonage for Service Cloud Voice helps deliver exceptional agent and customer experiences with a fully integrated Salesforce and contact center solution. Seamlessly unify voice, AI, digital channels, and CRM data within Service Cloud, all while VCC’s integrated speech analytics solution delivers powerful insights for your business.

Saving time means saving money. With automated and ready-to-use solutions on AppExchange, you can turn your daily communications into intelligent data streams and enable your teams to get more done, faster.

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