Deliveroo, University of Waikato, and PayPal Share the Value of Partners at Dreamforce

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Discover how Salesforce Partners can power your success and bring Customer 360 to life.

“I’ve been in the Salesforce ecosystem for about 16 years. One of the things I’ve noticed about AppExchange is it’s continually growing with more powerful apps,” shared Mark Graham, Global Product Director of Deliveroo, during Dreamforce 2021. In the Dreamforce episode, Grow Faster and Reach Further with Partners, we took a virtual trip around the world to hear from Salesforce customers Deliveroo, University of Waikato, and PayPal. In less than 30 minutes, we witnessed a real-world view of how partner apps and experts simplify business processes while generating more value from customers’ Salesforce investment.

Catch a replay of the episode here

Now, get ready for a trip around the world. First up, a recap of a British food delivery’s technology stack, plus much more from the Dreamforce session, Grow Faster and Reach Further with Partners.

Deliveroo Stays in Tune with Restaurant Partner Needs, While Managing Tremendous Growth

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When the pandemic hit 18 months ago, Deliveroo’s restaurant partners needed enhanced support to meet increased demand. Deliveroo leveraged AppExchange to see what tech solutions were available to solve these business challenges and enable more effective communication.

Today, Deliveroo relies on a number of AppExchange apps, including:

  • Onfido to automate identity verification for more than 25,000 people, driving speed and velocity
  • Medallia to better understand relationships with both restaurant partners and delivery people
  • DocuSign to build trust, compliance, and global consistency across Deliveroo’s contracting process

See all of the apps featured at Dreamforce here.

Datacom Enables the University of Waikato to Efficiently Manage Contact Tracing Now and in the Future

The first time New Zealand’s lockdown mandates were lifted, the University of Waikato needed a way to conduct contact tracing for its 10,000 students and 2,000 employees across a campus of 60 buildings. They were searching for a solution to report on the entire campus’s movements in real time. The university engaged Salesforce partner Datacom, and Salesforce Business Manager Sam Halligan to find the right solution.

Together, they built a campaign called “Check in before you step in”, using flexible low-code solutions from Salesforce Service Cloud to generate and capture QR code scans, associating them to a specific person and location.

“Waikato was brand new to Salesforce, but Datacom has a deep understanding of how to quickly build solutions on the Salesforce Platform,” said Sam. “We showed them how the Salesforce platform creates a secure, mobile solution, and delivers fast time to value.”

Datacom designed, built, and deployed the contact tracing solution in just four weeks, generating more than a quarter of a million scans in the last 15 months. At the time of the Dreamforce session, New Zealand has since reentered lockdown and while this program was designed specifically to address student and faculty health during the pandemic, the university plans to roll out additional Salesforce solutions to support student enrollment and HR operations in the future.

PayPal Reimagines the End-to-End Customer and Merchant Experience with Deloitte

PayPal’s VP of Employee Technology and Experiences Dan Torunian shared how the company has made significant improvements so that their merchants’ checkout processes are as seamless as possible.

To do this, PayPal enlisted the help of Deloitte to set a strategic vision, integrate their new products, like Honey and Happy Returns, and move faster to deliver customer success. In addition, Deloitte helped PayPal:

  • Link marketing, service, and sales capabilities, ensuring a rich feedback loop for product teams
  • Provide a better digital experience for team members by giving sales reps a single view of the customer
  • Extend Sales Cloud capabilities with native CPQ functionality to quickly identify the right bundle of services and provide transparent pricing for new and existing merchants

PayPal also relies on several AppExchange apps to simplify daily activities:

  • Copado to standardize how to manage the Salesforce platform, providing faster, error-free product feature releases
  • Conga to efficiently track the contract lifecycle with contract generation, automated routing, and eSignature capabilities
  • OwnBackup to save time, while protecting data. Developers can set up and re-sort test data faster, restore non-production environments, and anonymize sensitive data

PayPal’s ultimate goal is to make the checkout process as seamless as possible for its customers. With integrated apps like these, PayPal can give its teams more time to tackle high-value activities, such as developing customer relationships and servicing merchants.

When asked what advice he has for customers looking to replicate PayPal’s success with Salesforce, Dan had this to say, “I would recommend customers stay true to the Salesforce platform and leverage its rich capabilities. Take advantage of the expansive community of partner experts and apps available to you. These can help you simplify business processes — while also getting more out of your Salesforce investment.”

Discover how Salesforce Partners can power your success and bring Customer 360 to life. See these apps and more on AppExchange.



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