Financial Services Cloud — Spring’19 FAQ

In this article, we’ll answer many of the frequently asked questions about the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and how you can become an expert at configuring and extending FSC for your users or customers. Don’t miss the list of resources at the end of this post, and make sure to register for the preview webinar coming up on April 4.

Note: This blog covers features released through Spring’19.


What is Financial Services Cloud?
Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform for building strong and enduring relationships with financial services customers. Financial Services Cloud is built for Lightning Experience and enables financial advisors to deliver the ‘concierge level’ of personalized and proactive service that their clients expect.
For more information, check out the Financial Services Cloud FAQ.
Which markets does the Financial Services Cloud serve?
The Financial Services Cloud was initially released in Mar 2016 to serve the wealth management market. Since then, it has expanded to meet the needs of the retail and commercial banking industries. We are also planning to release (safe harbour) Financial Services Cloud for Insurance. Join us for the preview webinar on April 4, 2019.
For more information, see Financial Services Cloud Overview, and join us for a preview webinar on April 4.
Which Salesforce editions work with Financial Services Cloud?
Financial Services Cloud is available for Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. Please note that “API Access” in the org is required to use Financial Services Cloud.
What is the price for Financial Services Cloud?
You can find pricing and different features listed for each edition in this comparison chart.
Where can I find a list of features which are part of Financial Services Cloud?
This page has a list of features that are part of Financial Services Cloud.
How are other customers implementing Financial Services Cloud?
Read about Financial Services customer stories.

Financial Services Cloud Access

How can I get access to Financial Services Cloud?
There is 30-day free trial org, fully configured and seeded with data, available for customers to test Financial Services Cloud.
Partners can go to “Apply the Solution” tab at Financial Services Cloud Learning Path (Partner Community Login Required). They can fill out “Request a Partner Dev Org” form or get individual links for each package which needs to be installed and configured in their org.
What is required to access and use the Financial Services Cloud?
Every user of the Financial Services Cloud package must be assigned to the Financial Services Cloud Permission Set License (PSL). You can get the PSL added to your org as follows:
For Customers: the PSL will be pre-provisioned in trial org. For production orgs, your AE will handle provisioning of all required PSLs.
For ISV partners: use “Request a Partner Dev Org” form, which can be accessed on Financial Service Cloud Learning Path in “Apply the solution” tab, to get access to ISV Partner Developer Edition (PDE) org ID. Org created from that PDE template will have these licenses pre-provisioned.
Log a case to enable Person Accounts because Person Accounts cannot be enabled in a Trialforce template.
For SI & ISV partners who are installing Financial Services Cloud in their own org: install Financial Services Cloud packages manually then you will need to log 2 separate cases in partner community to request

What are the different license types & features required to use Financial Services Cloud?

  • Financial Services Cloud Permission Set License: If not using ISV Partner Developer Edition (PDE) template then log a case
  • Action Plan Permission Set Licenses: If not using ISV PDE template then log a case
  • Person Account: Log a case to enable Person Accounts in your org before installing Financial Services Cloud
  • Einstein Chat Bots: Contact Salesforce Support to enable Einstein Chat Bot

Person Accounts

What is Person Account?
Salesforce is well known for its leadership in business-to-business (B2B) customer service software but it also offers powerful business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions. The Person Account is the key Salesforce feature that enables personalized relationship management with an individual consumer. This feature has been available for years, and thousands of organizations rely on Person Accounts to manage their customer relationships. Therefore, Person Accounts are the emerging, de facto standard for modeling individual clients in Financial Services Cloud.
Should I use Person Account or Individual Account when modeling a household in Financial Services Cloud?
Our recommendation is to use Person Account. Some of the reasons for this recommendation are Duplicate Management, Lightning Experience support, Sorting, etc. There is a Person Account FAQ document to answer Person Account implementation questions.
Financial Services Cloud was released with Individual model; which is a virtual combination of Account & Contact. We have now released support for Person Account.
As an ISV, can I build my solution for both, Person Account and Individual Account features, to support existing subscribers?
Yes. We recommend to add this support dynamically to avoid adding a dependency in your package. This blog walks you through on details about how to dynamically support Person Account.


Is Financial Services Cloud secure?
Yes! Financial Services Cloud inherits Salesforce’s security model and is secure by design. In addition, Financial Services Cloud is fully compatible with Salesforce Shield. Customers can decide which data they want to encrypt and who should have access to that data. This document explains how to secure your data with Salesforce Shield.
How can ISVs ensure that their Financial Services Cloud extensions are compatible with Salesforce Shield?
Shield Platform Encryption for ISV blog goes through the process on how an ISV package will work in an encrypted Salesforce org.

Action Plans

What are Action Plans?
Action Plans (released in Winter’19) enables financial services professionals such as bankers, wealth managers, insurance agents, etc. to deliver consistent and compliant client engagement experience like template administration, plan creation, and more.
You can get more information about Action Plans in Trailhead.
How much do Action Plans cost?
Nothing! You get one free Action Plan license for every Financial Services Cloud license in your org.
How can I enable Action Plans?

  • Current customers: ActionPlan Permission Set Licenses (PSLs) have already been provisioned in production orgs, as of Oct. 26, 2018. Once customers get add-on licenses provisioned in production environment, they need to refresh the sandbox or use the license matching process to get these Permission Set Licenses (PSLs) in the sandbox orgs. Custom admins will need to assign these PSLs FSC users.
  • New customers: Action Plan will be auto provisioned along with Financial Services Cloud Permission Set License.
  • ISV partners: New Partner Developer Edition (PDE) orgs, created from a PDE template, will already have the Action Plan Permission Set Licenses pre-provisioned
  • SI & ISV partners: To add Action Plan to existing trial, demo or developer edition orgs, log a case in partner community. For trial, demo, or Partner Developer Edition orgs (PDE orgs which are created directly from Environment Hub but are not created from provided PDE template), log a case in the partner community.

Can we include Action Plan templates in our managed package?
No. Action Plan templates are implemented as data rather than metadata, so they can’t be packaged. You can load Action Plan data into an org just as you would load any other data, using the Salesforce Data Loader, an Apex post-install script, Mulesoft, or similar ETL tools.


What are Salesforce Surveys?
Surveys is a new Salesforce product, introduced in Spring ’18, that lets you easily design and publish forms for collecting feedback from your customers.
How much do Surveys cost?
Nothing! Financial Services Cloud includes 5 free Survey Creator licenses per org, which allows you to publish an unlimited number of customer surveys. Additional survey creator licenses are available for a fee.
More information about surveys can be found here.
Can Surveys be packaged?
Yes. Surveys are built on Lightning Flows. You can package your surveys. However, be aware that subscribers will have to enable Surveys in their org before they can install your package. You will need to ensure that the Survey object is enabled in the subscriber org; either by asking Salesforce AE to provision Free Survey available to every org or purchasing Survey Creator licenses.

Lightning Scheduler

What is Lightning Scheduler?
Lightning Scheduler is a powerful set of features that make it easy to schedule customer appointments with the right banker or advisor at the right place and time.
Partners, for more information, check out Lightning Scheduler FAQ for Partners.
Is Lightning Scheduler a paid feature?
Yes. You will need to purchase an add-on to enable Lightning Scheduler for your Sales, Service or Financial Services Cloud orgs.
Is Lightning Scheduler feature exclusive to Financial Services Cloud?
No. Lightning Scheduler can be used in Sales/Service Cloud. It is not exclusive to Financial Services Cloud.
Can Lightning Scheduler be packaged?
Yes. Lightning Scheduler uses core Salesforce objects. You can extend it like any other object. However, it may create a dependency on those objects that may cause package installation to fail. It’s advisable to add this as an extension package so you can continue use your base package in any org.

UI Components

Can I use Financial Services Cloud UI components, like Relationship Map etc., in Lightning Out?
No. Currently these UI components are not supported for use via Lightning Out.

Community Cloud

Does Financial Services Cloud support Communities?
Yes. All Financial Services Cloud objects are accessible in Community Cloud. Some UI components can also be used in Community Cloud.


What is Einstein Analytics Client Segmentation App?
 Financial Services Cloud used to have some pre-built dashboards available out-of-the-box. Those dashboards are now referred to as the Einstein Analytics Client Segmentation App

What is Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud?
Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud allows you to use Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud. This is for customers and ISV partners who want to build extensive dashboards using Einstein Analytics; in addition to pre-built dashboards from Client Segmentation App.
Is Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud a paid feature?


Can I install and configure Financial Services Cloud in an existing Salesforce org, or do I have to start with a brand new org?
You can install FSC in either a new or existing Salesforce org.
What are the best practices for implementing FSC in an existing org??
 Every implementation is different. It’s preferable to implement FSC in a brand new org (Green Field). This is easier for implementation, and also helps to retire technical debt and to leave behind no-longer-needed data.
If it’s not possible to start in a new org then you can still implement in an existing org (Brown Field). You need to follow best practices for implementation.
It is best to perform an analysis of risk and effort involved to achieve the desired end state before deciding on Brown field vs Green field approach.
How can you avoid running into Rollup limit / or locking errors during large data transfers?
Our recommendation is to disable rollup calculations during data load. Once data load has finished, you can manually run roll up calculation jobs. Please note that when these jobs are disabled, other triggers on the Financial Account object don’t run. Once you re-run the roll-up summary calculations manually (after data load), triggers on objects like Financial Account will run and data will be updated.
In Winter’19, we released some enhancements for rollups. These will speed up your Account and Financial Account data insert and update operations with the enhanced rollup framework in Financial Services Cloud.


Can Salesforce DX be used to build for Financial Services Cloud?
Yes. Financial Services Cloud Permission Set License is added to scratch orgs. So, you can go ahead and start developing for Financial Services Cloud using scratch orgs.
Can developers pre-configure a scratch org for Financial Services Cloud development?
Yes. You can use SFDX to install FSC packages. You can also store Financial Services Cloud specific configuration metadata in a Git repository and deploy that into a newly created org.


Partner Financial Services Cloud Academy
In partner Financial Services Cloud Academy, experts from various groups share their experiences with partners. We had sessions on Unified Banking, Implementation, Migration, and Packaging & Licensing. You can find recordings for those expert sessions under “Grow your expertise” button on Financial Services Cloud Learning Path.
How can I learn more about installing, configuring or extending Financial Services Cloud?
If you are a Salesforce customer, you can find resources on Financial Services Cloud Overview page.
Partners, in addition to the resources in overview, can find more information at Financial Services Cloud Learning Path (Partner Community login required).
Resources available for Financial Services Cloud.