From Idea to App: Meet the Trailblazing Companies in Salesforce Accelerate Cohort 12

Emilie Jessula
Oct 11 · 6 min read

We are thrilled to kick off Cohort 12 and welcome another batch of Trailblazing Entrepreneurs into our Salesforce Accelerate Build program. This is our largest cohort to date with 23 companies spanning 3 regions and 6 countries.

Salesforce Accelerate Build is the AppExchange accelerator program for aspiring ISV partners who want to architect and build a targeted solution for AppExchange and grow their business in the Salesforce Ecosystem (learn more here).

AppExchange is the world’s most trusted enterprise cloud marketplace to accelerate digital transformation journeys. With more than 9M installs and 117K customer reviews to date, it’s undeniable that Trailblazers love AppExchange and continually turn to our marketplace to help them drive success.

Our Accelerate program supports companies from idea to app, fast-tracking their journey to AppExchange. Over the course of 9 weeks, participants will gain insights and tactical tips on how to build and package their app, get to market, sell their solution in the ecosystem, and get through security review — all within 3 to 6 months of graduation. Participants benefit from a curated curriculum, dedicated mentorship, peer learning from fellow cohort members, and a growing community of alumni.

We can’t wait to see the innovative solutions our new batch of companies will bring to market. Join us on November 17 for a celebration of entrepreneurship in the Salesforce Ecosystem to hear the top pitches from our program.

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In the meantime, please give a warm welcome to our newest Trailblazers:

Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control takes care of personalized marketing tasks by connecting to a company’s tools, like Pardot, to create rich interest profiles for each customer in order to deliver companies relevant content recommendations. It’s never been easier to increase marketing engagement, lower the cost of sales, and boost conversion rates.


Alphaa.AI is making analytics simple, faster, and accessible without any coding. Discover insights from your data by simply asking business questions in simple English with Alphaa’s voice-enabled AI. Create dashboards with beautiful charts and reports by asking questions in plain English. And, unlike chatbots, you don’t need to pre-train the system with any questions.


ChipBrain’s founding team came together from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard to build a new fundamental technology: an AI that reliably measures human emotions, behaviors, and intents in conversations. ChipBrain is an “empathy microscope” that helps people build better relationships and connect with their audience more deeply, whether over text, voice, or video. Analyze conversations to produce insight into how customers are feeling, and what causes them to feel that way. ChipBrain can also alert sales managers to red flags and teach reps the conversational techniques that have historically led to successful outcomes.

CloudJunction Advisors

CloudJunction Advisors specialize in accelerating the adoption of Salesforce CRM by clients in the financial services verticals (mortgage/lending, asset management, wealth, and insurance) through integrated solutions that enable the aggregation of financial data from inside Salesforce to develop a data-enriched view of the client relationships. Extend the functionality of the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (Mortgage Edition) with 2-way data integration between Filogix and Salesforce, accelerate the loan application process and underwriting workflow for mortgage professionals by reducing redundant data entry and freeing up admin time to lower operating costs, and more.


Constellation4 is a Healthcare technology innovator with a mission to positively impact patient outcomes by providing clean, compliant, and intelligent data to payers and providers. Powered by this clean data, the company is reimagining the healthcare journey by streamlining Healthcare workflows while using Salesforce Health Cloud as the core platform.


Cooby help sales teams better understand and monitor their team’s activities on WhatsApp, Line, and other messaging apps. The solution provides sales analytics that sales managers use to coach their team members. It also reduces the manual entry needed for salespeople that use WhatsApp or other messaging apps to talk to customers.

Deal Teams

Deal Teams is a Salesforce native solution that empowers users to manage and collaborate on investment transactions in Salesforce. The app allows teams to design powerful workflows, intuitive record tagging, enhanced data points, and impact reporting to surface insights and supercharge your deal flow.


Gritly is a career accelerator, focused on launching diverse communities into entry-level roles in high-growth industries. The main career focus is tech sales.

Index Solutions:

Keeping contact data up to date is important, but it can be time-consuming and tedious work. Index Solutions pulls contact data from Salesforce, updates and completes relevant fields, then re-integrates that information back into Salesforce.


PipeLaunch is a Salesforce native solution that enables companies to increase the productivity and efficiency of salespeople in addition to supporting sales leaders. The app also provides specific functionality such as Dynamic Sales Scripts, Prospecting List Generator, Performance / Coaching tools, Email, LinkedIn, and CTI integrations.

Sage Medical

With Sage Medical’s AI-driven medical coding, billing, and transcription, practitioners are eliminating the costly overhead of a medical coder while increasing productivity by 20%. The easy-to-use mobile app processes in real-time, eliminating coding & billing errors, increasing revenue by $250k+ ARR.


With Salesflags, users can automates and guides social selling, embed social selling into Salesforce, reduce sales costs and increases conversions by >30%, and enable salespeople to engage in conversations that build trust and relationships is helping businesses identifying previously undetected data breaches, significantly reducing incident costs. The app seeds trackable data records into customers’ databases and then monitors for any evidence of the data having been stolen, similar to the concept of a GPS tracker for cars.


SignEasy is a leading mobile-first eSignature solution for individuals and businesses alike. SignEasy enables its customers to sign, send, and manage documents through its cloud-based, device-agnostic platform. Trusted by more than 162,000 customers worldwide, SignEasy is now used in 180 countries and supports 24 languages.


Signzy simplifies regulatory and onboarding processes for banks and other financial institutions to make the processes simple, secure, and regulatory compliant. The key problem Signzy solves is catering to the users’ ever-evolving need of having a 21st-century onboarding experience while adhering to increasingly complex regulatory and compliance requirements.

Southern Cloud Solutions Corporation

The SoClo Inventory App gives you the ability to spend less time inventorying and more time businessing. Designed to give you full flow of inventory from opportunity to service order to asset.

Spoon Guru Limited

Spoon Guru Limited enables grocery retailers to match relevant food and beverage products to their customers’ dietary preferences by providing insights into shoppers’ personal food preferences and enabling personalized shopping experiences.

Stack Moxie

The Stack Moxie platform helps Ops teams get new campaigns, configurations and integrations up and running faster, keeps cross-functional teams from introducing errors based on upstream and downstream dependencies, and keeps data quality and privacy regulations running as designed (and logged to prove it to regulators).


Synapsum’s application brings together functions through a supply-chain intelligent plug-in to Salesforce. Commercial teams gain visibility to the steps to recoup or reduce costs while growing customer value. Supply chain functions have more ways to drive efficiency — from informing customer contracting to managing scarce resources when capacity is tight.

U Scope Technologies

U Scope Technologies is a tech company that helps streamline the collection of images and data to assist businesses that inspect residential and commercial properties. Our inspection platform, the PHOTO iD app, improves the property inspection reporting process during the risk assessment lifecycle by reducing the timeframe to document the condition of a property through our real-time video collaborative property inspection camera with voice and image recognition


Velou is an ecommerce enablement startup that helps large fashion retailers increase sales conversions by making their products more discoverable at touchpoints across the customer buying journey.

Wealth Wizards Limited

The Wealth Wizards vision is a future where everybody in society has access to jargon-free, expert holistic financial guidance and advice, 24/7, from a regulated digital agent, supported where required by qualified human experts powered by enabling technology.

FLIPD Coaching

FLIPD Coaching is a leadership development program that was developed by Billy Martin, former Director of Leadership Enablement. This solution provides a scalable offering to train new sales managers on how to become effective coaches and leaders, within a high-performance tech organization.

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